10 fresh ideas for wedding in 2021

If 2020 taught us anything it is that with a little creativity you can make everything feel and look special. Why not take a step further when it comes to the wedding and make a wedding to remember?

Here is a list of ten fresh ideas you can use for your wedding day in 2021. Some might surprise you! 

Evening ceremony

Who said you have to invite everybody for lunch? Why not serve a late dinner to your guests and have a sunset wedding ceremony? 

Moreover, if you have a wedding day in the summer, you can throw a beautiful summer-night party. 

Show with food or drinks

Organise a wedding with a twist! You can hire a professional dance group or organise an open-kitchen show for your guest. Bar keepers and chefs can prepare the meal and drinks in front of your guests. 

The show with food or drinks makes sense if you are throwing a smaller wedding party, but it is a unique wedding inspiration.

Hand-made invitations

Nothing is as thoughtful as hand-made details, such as invitations and thank you notes. Instead of ordering a bulk of same-patterned invitations, gather your friends and family and make your wedding invitations. 

Play with colours and materials, have fun, and sing every invitation by hand. Your guests will appreciate the personal touch! 

Creative location lightening

Try something new in 2021, and explore the options for lighting. Mix and match different chandeliers, use drapes and Christmas lights to make your unique lighting. 

String lights, lanterns, candelabras, disco balls, etc. – the lighting options are endless. If you aren’t very skilled, you can always hire professional lighting engineers and tell them about your wedding vision.

Geometry and minimalism

Don’t focus too much on the decoration. Sometimes, the minimalistic details can switch the focus from decoration to the party itself. Moreover, it is always better to restrain for decoration than to create a mess filled with different structures, multi-colored elements, and details. 

If you are unsure about decor, you can always choose geometric details! They are having a comeback in 2021! 

Candles as decoration elements

Flowers have been part of the decoration for centuries. Why not try with candles in 2021? Light up hundreds of candles around as an authentic decoration. Candles will improve the atmosphere as well! 

Animation for children

Create a children-corner and hire a fun animator to keep children engaged while the guests are having a great time. That way, the parents will be relaxed and can participate in the party and probably stay longer at the wedding! 

Lounge zone

The lounge zone is great for relaxation and isn’t commonly part of the wedding. You will need comfortable seating, a relaxing lighting setting, and subtle decoration. 

Create a fun and comfortable lounge zone where your guests can talk and get away from the crowd. 

Single-flower wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet arrangements are becoming an art. However, in 2021, less is more. Instead of having a large, wedding bouquet from numerous flowers of different types, why not pick a single-flower wedding bouquet?

It is elegant and simple and draws attention to other details on the bride. That way, your wedding dress will be the highlight of your look and not a colourful wedding bouquet.

You can use one Peony flower and pick your favourite color. Ranunculus, camellia and dahlia are also great alternatives. 

Spend the morning together

In 2021, you don’t have to play by the rules. The bride and groom don’t have to be separated for the morning before the wedding. You can actually spend the morning together. That way you can share the anxiety and calm each other, enjoy morning coffee and breakfast together and relax before the wedding starts. 

Once it is time for dressing up, you can dress separately and reunite for the first look again. Alternatively, you can even dress up together and have special wedding preparation photos. 

There you have – fresh inspiration for 2021 weddings! You can say “yes” in the evening, lit with hundreds of candles and throw a single-flower wedding bouquet. The possibilities are endless and all it takes is a bit of creativity to throw a unique wedding that you will be proud of and remember your whole life! 

Have more ideas for unique weddings in 2021? Share them, and feel free to pick your favourite idea!

Published on: 03/01/2021

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