5 solutions if you don’t know how to pose

Many couples are stressed over wedding photo shooting, as they are aware that wedding photos will be their lifelong memories. In fact, many people have never even thought about posing and professional pictures. Even supermodels practice and undergo some training to master the art of posing. 

As a wedding photographer, I will share some of my techniques and tips on how we can organise your wedding photo shooting. 

Solution 1. Reportage Photos

If you don’t like to pose we can focus on reportage photos I will take during the day. All you have to do is relax, enjoy your day, don’t worry about pictures and poses and I will catch the spontaneous moments that illustrate your wedding day and your love. 

With these photos, I will catch the essence of the wedding day’s excitement and joy. Those are sometimes more challenging to capture than staged photos.

For a photo book we will create some classic wedding portraits and allocate not more than 30 min. for a couple photo session. I can adjust the lighting so it is the most flattering to you. There isn’t much posing with these classic portraits and I can help you adjust your motions to get the perfect picture. 

Solution 2. Abstract Pictures

The alternative to perfectly posed wedding photos is to play with light and shadows as well as using other creative techniques. For example, I can focus on taking your silhouettes or photos with color contrasts and create a piece of art for your wall at home. If you have artistic preferences, we can discuss the creative aspects of these atypical wedding photos. 

For example, I can play with framing and choose different perspectives when I photograph you, so your pose won’t be in the foreground. Therefore, you won’t be so stressed about posing! 

Solution 3. Staged photos

When I work with couples who have never had their photos professionally taken, I explain the moves and give suggestions. Basically, as we go through each photo, we communicate so you understand what we are doing. Also, I can explain what effect we want to achieve with those poses. 

If you want, I can talk you through the entire process and give you a heads up before the photo shooting. 

By knowing what you can expect during the photo session, you can mentally prepare and even practice in front of the mirror to better understand the procedure.

Solution 4. Lifestyle Photo Shooting 

Alternatively, we can focus on lifestyle photography completely as it is the perfect style for couples who want realistic pictures and avoid strict poses. Images taken in this style are organic, everything is taken from the invisible photographer’s perspective and there is no rush and stress about how to stand or where to put the hands. 

When I do the lifestyle photo shooting, light, lines, and shapes are perfectly blended with the main characters of the images. That way, the complete composition with the humans and objects tells an individual one-moment narrative, while all pictures tell a complete story.

Casual photo shooting is something I recommend to couples who are worried that they won’t look natural in front of the camera. You can move a lot during the photosession. That way, you will forget about posing and I will catch the spontaneous moments. You can talk with your partner, laugh, hug or kiss and we will have a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Solution 5. Replicating Poses You Like 

Some couples show me the photos with poses they like and want to have something similar. In this case we can try to replicate them. However, whenever I do this alternative, I often offer suggestions to couples on how we can slightly change the poses to make them more appealing and suitable. Sometimes, it can be as small a change as the arm placement and sometimes we can switch the angle ever so slightly to get a different perspective. 

We can get together before shooting to plan the poses before actual photo sessions. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t feeling confident about your wedding photos. With good and open communication, we can create astonishing wedding images and you won’t even think about posing that day. Remember, wedding photo shooting shouldn’t cause you to stress out, it should be one more wedding-related activity to enjoy!

Published on: 07/04/2021

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