5 ways to end the wedding

Your wedding day is YOUR day, which means that YOU decide what its’ gonna be like – from start to finish. The finish bit is your last chance to shine that day around your friends and family, and it needs to be as fabulous as you! We’ve created a list of five strategies to make the end of your big day awesome and memorable.

Last dance

We’ve put this first, because chances are, it’s already popped into your head. Who doesn’t love the romantic picture of being wrapped in your new husband/wife, surrounded by your loved ones, swaying to your favorite song? It can be done as a reprise of the first song played that night – a circle-of-life vibe if you will. Talk to the DJ beforehand, so that they can announce it as the last song of the night. That way, the guests can plan their goodbyes and exit. If you’d prefer to end the party on a different note than you started, more power to you! Having an upbeat song as the last one of the night would certainly make it memorable for everyone.


If your wedding has a fairytale theme, lanterns would be a very fitting way to finish it off. It’d take a lot of work to set up (definitely check the local regulations before you decide!), but the end result is worth it. They’d look really pretty during a summer night. Light them outside with your friends and family after everyone’s eaten and danced the night away and send them into the night. If you choose to do this, make sure to hire a decent photographer who’d be able to capture the beauty of this magic finale!


You deserve the most spectacular wedding possible, and what’s more spectacular and festive than fireworks? Launching a surprise fireworks display would literally end your light with a bang and would be unforgettable! Please make sure to have your planner check safety precautions and the local regulations. A lot of venues allow firework displays, though – it’s just a question of co-ordination between the planner and the photographer. This kind of send-off absolutely must be captured by a skilled cameraperson.

Send-off with props

If you love the idea of walking/driving away and waving goodbye like in the films, we’ve got great news for you! There are tons of ways you can customise such exit to make it yours and yours alone. Traditionally, people threw rice at departing newlyweds. You can do that, of course – but why not rainbow sprinkles instead, for instance? Or flower petals and eco-confetti for a sustainable send-off? You can also give out mini-bottles of bubbles the guests would blow at you as you walk out of the venue – it’d look amazing on photos.
Love the idea of fireworks but didn’t get a permit? No worries – sparklers or glow sticks are your friend! Give them out to your guests as wedding favors for some extra fabulousness at your send-off. The photos would be incredible!


Who said the party had to end after the wedding reception? If you’re a night owl and haven’t had time to catch up with everyone, an after party at a bar is the way to do just that. And even if you want to go off and start working on marital bliss right away, it’d be good to have an after-party option for the guests who aren’t ready to go to bed yet.
Make sure to co-ordinate with an after-party venue in advance, though – they might not appreciate a crowd of tipsy bridesmaids and groomsmen barging in after hours without a warning!

All of the above can be absolutely fabulous – and if you want to combine all the options, go right ahead and make sure to invite us

Published on: 24/03/2019

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