7 Ideas for Children Entertainment at the Wedding

As a person who has been to a lot of weddings due to my professional tasks, I know children are tough to entertain. You cannot just give them cocktails and expect to have fun, like with adults. Therefore, if you invite families with children to attend your wedding, come up with enjoyable activities to get them busy. 

Also, don’t forget to mention that children are welcome at your wedding invitations. Remember to add the entrainment item to your budget, as some ideas might be costly. 

Therefore, here is the list of seven best ideas for children’s entertainment at modern weddings for all budgets.


Hiring professional entertainers is an excellent idea, as it ensures a good time for children and peace of mind for you. Professional performers, such as balloon modellers, clowns, magicians, pantomime artists know how to keep children engaged and throw an interactive show. 

Parents will be relaxed as the children are under professional supervision as well as little angels might have a day to remember.

Soap Bubble Show 

Every child loves soap bubbles. The soap bubble show is one of the cheapest but most effective ideas to keep children entertained during the wedding. 

You can rent the bubble machine and hire someone to keep the children in mind. Also, you can have older children make soap bubbles for the youngest one to catch. However, make sure that the soap bubble show isn’t happening on the tile floor, as it can be slippery. 

Ask your vendor to secure the space. On the other side you can even take pictures with the bubbles around. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Let Them Be Creative

You can give children a task to draw or write something for the couple to make them feel important at your wedding. Provide a large table, colouring pens, papers, postcards, wedding-themed colouring books, etc. 

Have someone explain the task to the children. That way, you have the children kept busy and you get wonderful memories from your special day.

Give Them Tasks

If you have several children attending your wedding, you can involve them in the ceremony. Little girls can throw flower petals or carry the bride’s train and the young gentlemen can bring wedding rings, vows, etc.

You can also ask some of the older children to give out wedding favours to all guests if you have any.

Let Them Take Pictures or Get a Photo Booth

Another fun idea for keeping children amused during a wedding is to ask them to take pictures. Prepare several disposable cameras, depending on the number of children, and come up with a list of things they should photograph throughout the day. For example, ask them to take pictures of the party moments, guests arriving, etc. 

An alternative is to rent a photo booth with plenty of children-friendly props and let them have fun while making the pictures.

A Toy Tent

Organise a game room if space and budget allow it. You can install a medium-size tent and fill it with the most attractive toys, such as dolls, stuffed animals, cars, trains, action figures etc. Have a diverse toy offer so every child can find something interesting to play with. 

You can rent or buy some children-appropriate board games, such as Candy Land or Zingo!, to have every child participate. 

Children’s Cinema

Lastly, organising a children’s cinema is an excellent and practical idea to keep most children occupied at the same place for hours. All you have to do is rent a projector, find a suitable space, fill it with some children-friendly snacks and make a playlist of cartoons and children’s movies. 

You cannot expect children to sit still and observe the wedding. You can try to make the day fun for them by organising games and activities appropriate for their age. It is the best way to ensure everyone – you, the parents and children will have fun at your wedding!

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