Don’t make these 7 mistakes when planning a wedding

Being careless with budget

Of course, your wedding day is the most important one of your life, so you want it to be perfect. In an ideal world, you’d have enough funds to get married in a royal castle in a McQueen dress with a gold-dusted cake. And the Pinterest photos make that look so inviting… Most people, however, can’t afford to go overboard.

Firstly, you need to have a chat with your significant other about the budget and the amount each of you can realistically contribute. Then you need to set a budget for each part – the dress, the food, the venue, the guest list, etc. It’s absolutely OK to take into account a small margin of error and unexpected expenses, but it’s very useful to have an approximate benchmark. A good planning tool is recommended. It’ll save you a lot of stress down the line.

Not trusting the professionals

It’s important for you to feel in control of your wedding and have it the way you want it. However, the planners, the coordinators, the caterers and the photographers know that. It is their very job to make sure that you have that. So don’t micromanage them. It’ll just stress you, and them, out – and that’s counterproductive at best. They’ve worked with a lot of brides and, since you’ve done your research before you hired them, you know that. Trust them and communicate what you want clearly to them but let them help you have the best day of your life. Focus on what’s really important.

Not getting comfortable with your photographer before the wedding

Do you want the most special moments of your wedding to be captured by someone who’s virtually a stranger? Of course not. You’d simply not be able to relax around them and your photos would be stiff at best as a result. To avoid that, get to know them and their work. The best way to do that is to do an engagement photoshoot together with your other half – that way, both of you would be more comfortable with the professional. It’s a great opportunity to build a rapport with someone who’s gonna be with you for the entire wedding day, right until the exit.

Trying to please everyone

Once you announce your engagement, everyone you know is going to have an opinion. From the length of your dress to the shape of the napkins, to who you should and shouldn’t invite. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by them. But remember this – this wedding is about you and your other half, not about everyone else. However much you love your parents and friends, you’re the people who should get a final say on things like that, not them. You shouldn’t feel guilty for not inviting your great-aunt whom you’ve never met or choosing a cream fishtail dress against your mother’s dream of a classic white princess frock. At the end of the day, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, just as you’re entitled to have a wedding day that you want.

Forgetting about the weather

Even if you’re having an indoor wedding, it’s important to be considerate because not many bridesmaids like the idea of walking from the church to the reception in stilettos when it’s raining. If you want an outdoor ceremony and reception and live in an unpredictable weather region (which is pretty much the entire planet), it’s best to find a venue that offers an indoor option as well, just in case. In the worst-case scenario, make sure they have a tent, or a marquee available.

Messing about with your look

We all love changing up our looks a little, but sometimes a haircut doesn’t suit you quite the same way you expected. It’s the worst when this happens just before your wedding. If you’ve never had highlights or an undercut before, don’t do it just before you’re about to get married. The photos taken on your special day will capture the most memorable moments of your life and you’d look at them many times over your lives together. Do you really want them to be marred by an unfortunate haircut? Of course not – plus, your hair and make-up people have been working very hard on the wedding too. And same goes for the groom.

Forgetting about the legal stuff

Sure this is a  boring´topic, however, there can’t be a wedding without a marriage certificate or other documents. The laws vary across the world, so make sure to check up on any formalities early on. And the deadlines! In some places, a license is only valid for a certain period of time before the wedding. Consult a lawyer if you have any doubts or queries.

Published on: 06/02/2020

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