Modern wedding ideas

We have all been at our fair share of weddings, or at least seen thousands of images of what the dream avenue or dress should look like. The thing is, almost every wedding is the same, with the traditional dress, design, cake and even sitting charts. The reason for this is simple: most brides are so afraid to fail while organizing their wedding, they forget to share their own touch and make things special enough to be memorable.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure your wedding stands out and is never forgotten:

To start off easily, we can talk about the dress. The bridal dress is the jewel of every wedding, people attend the ceremony awaiting to see what the bride is going to wear. And since this is so important, we can use it in your advantage and use it as a tool to make the wedding a bit more-unique.
For instance, after the ceremony the bride can change in another non-traditional wedding dress. It can be a white dress that was too short or too sparkly for the ceremony, or maybe a dress that isn’t even white. You can opt for golden or silver dresses, even a baby pink or blue. Anything that fits your character and spirit.

The lightening can be the piece that will make the difference, that will change your wedding from a normal, typical one to a special day no one will forget about. You can try opting for different lightening for the reception. For instance, you can try illuminating everything with candles placed in different glasses or maybe create a completely different atmosphere with floodlight or a video projector.

The first thing guests notice when they attend the reception is their seats. This is why, you can try and use that to your advantage and make a great first impression. Try changing the usual sitting cards with something that describes your partner and you. You can engrave the guest’s name on a glass, or maybe on chocolate. Alternatively a bride can order caricatures of all the guests and put them on the seating cards.

Instead of the traditional the guest book we suggest ditching that and going for something more creative, like a video booth. There, your guests can record videos with short messages for the happy couple! Very interesting alternative would be a puzzle, each piece of which guests can sign and then put them together.

Whatever you do, nothing will catch the guest’s eyes more than the fun. For them to remember your wedding, you have to help them create memories! For that, you can try and create games and small DIY projects that will help them be a bit more indulges in the wedding.

Coming up with ideas on how to stir up a fit of giggles among your guests can be quiet a tricky task. In addition, planning on how to keep the guests entertained is among the activities that dilly-dally’ most events and most people cannot wait to set aside the workload. However, it is time to pull your patio furniture from the garage, dust off the picnic tables and fire up the grill!

What can be included into the entertainment program:

Flash mobs or master-classes are a way to formally kick-start and maintain the momentum for your event. The great variety of possibilities e.g. dancing class, ebru, latte art, floral design will allow the guests to try something new.

Magicians or Barkeeper show – simple but very effective method of adding a sense of supernatural touch to ensure your guests are not yawning and rolling eyes in boredom. This is because even with favorable cost-to-benefit ratio, they are easy to organize and allow you to choose what they perform.

Different Zones e.g. cigars and whiskey bar, candy bar, chocolate fountain with fruits, cocktail bar or photo zone.

The important thing to remember from all this is that for a memorable wedding you should ditch the stereotype rules and simply go for the things that best describe who you are. That is the best way to ensure that your guests will truly get a glimpse of your soul, and enjoy the happy day by your side.

Published on: 21/08/2018

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