New reality: a wedding for two

Global coronavirus pandemic might have changed your plans for a big wedding, but you still deserve a magical day and you shouldn’t settle for less. 

Certain things make the wedding day special no matter how many guests you have. Therefore, let’s see what elements of your big day you shouldn’t change. Rather, focus more on those magical moments and make the best out of it!

Photo session in a beautiful location

Wedding pictures are the most wonderful memories you will keep for the rest of your life. Therefore, don’t skip the photo session, and choose a magnificent location and skilled photographer. 

Start planning and consult your photographer about possible locations and props for shooting. Even if it is just the two of you, a photo session is an integral part of any wedding day, despite the guest number. 

It might seem like an unnecessary expense for you right now, but, you will be thankful in the future. Just imagine telling your kids about a small, romantic wedding that happened during a global pandemic, and having images that show your story! Moreover your pictures will look great in your home!

Real wedding dress

You are ready to say Yes and it is a real wedding ceremony, so wouldn’t you want to wear a real wedding dress, too? Still, it is your wedding day, and even if your partner and the minster are the only two people who will see you in your wedding dress, it is enough. 

Wearing a wedding dress, having your makeup and hair done by professionals will not only make you look great in pictures but will also make you feel even more special. 

There is no reason to get married in anything less than you imagined, just because corona changed your plans. It didn’t change your love!


Bridal bouquet has a special meaning in different cultures. Generally, it symbolizes happiness, abundance, and satisfaction in marriage. So, why would you skip on that?

Additionally, the ribbon that connects the flowers symbolizes fellowship between you and your partner. Next, you shouldn’t settle for a plain and dull location for the ceremony. Arrange with a local florist to decorate the space with seasonal flowers. You can pick colors and flowers for the bouquet and make the decoration as simple or as extravagant as you’ve always imagined. 

Flowers have the special power to transform even the most modest place into a romantic and wonderful space.

Wedding cake

Can you imagine a wedding without a cake? Don’t settle for a cakeless wedding. Similar to the bouquet, a wedding cake has a special meaning for the future bride and groom.

Traditionally, the bride and groom cut the cake together, and it symbolizes their first activity completed with mutual efforts. It is the sweetest way to start a life together. 

The cake doesn’t have to be big and luxurious if your budget doesn’t allow you. Smaller cake with interesting, wedding-related decorations is something you should stick to, even if you have a wedding for two.


You will make your first memories as a couple on a honeymoon and create the best memories ever. Whatever location and style you have in mind, the honeymoon isn’t something you should refuse. 

Spending several days with your partner as a freshly married couple is an excellent way to start your marriage on the right track. You will relax, have enough time to talk, focus on each other, and build an even stronger foundation for your marriage. Also, exploring new cities and gaining new experiences will make you even closer! 

Additionally, the memories you make will serve as the lighting in stressful situations you may encounter in the future.

A wedding for two can be authentic and charming, and you shouldn’t skip on integral elements that make every ceremony magical. Remember, it is about you and your partner. 

You can wear the wedding dress, hold the bouquet, eat the cake, enjoy your honeymoon and make your wedding photographs wherever you want, just for the two of you. It is, after all, the whole point of the wedding day.

Published on: 20/09/2020

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