Secrets of natural posing on a wedding photoshoot

There are so many things going on the wedding day and it can be challenging to achieve the natural look of the photos. The moments such as the first look, saying Yes, dancing, and mingling with your friends and family are often spontaneous. But couple photos are often staged and the bride and groom may be under pressure to look the best and the most natural. 

Let’s go through the best tips that can help you pose naturally and look the best. 


Proper posture can transform the complete photo. When you keep your back straight, you will look slimmer, more confident, and stunning. When you keep the shoulders back, you will pull the tummy in and look taller. Keeping your head up and slightly bringing the chin down will make the neck look thinner and highlight the best parts of your face. 

You can practice in front of the mirror and see the difference!

When you sit and strengthen the back, you will achieve the same effect on sitting pictures. 

Looking Away from the Camera

You don’t have to look straight into the camera the whole time. When you look into the camera, you risk being scared up in the frame and it can make you look harsh with strong lines and a sharp facial look.

Moreover, when you look directly into the camera, it leaves the impression that you know you’re being photographed, and it loses the natural look to it. Besides, looking straight into the camera creates the connection between subjects on the picture and a viewer. Still, you want the photographer to catch the connection between you and the partner, right? Therefore, you can experiment and look into your partner’s eyes, forget about the photographer and smile.

Sensual Movements

Couples being photographed aren’t models and they should look like themself. But, you can also apply some tips from professional models such as moving slowly. When you are changing poses, make sure to take your time and slowly lift the hands, turn around or do whatever you want for the picture. Slow movements have two functions. 

It can relax you, make you focus on your body, and don’t think about the camera, so you will instantly look more natural. On the other hand, slow movements will make you look sensual and boost the intimacy. So, skilled photographers will evoke the atmosphere and the main message of a photo.

Relax your Hands

Couples often don’t know what to do with their hands. That is why men often put hands in their pockets, but the groom should avoid it. That posture will make him look like he’s hiding something and look unsecure, which is something no one wants in their wedding pictures. 

Instead, give your hands something to do or touch. Soft-touch at the bride’s hair or face will look romantic. Also, avoid posing with your hands pushed against the body, as it will make you appear unavailable and hostile. Remember that the fingers should be relaxed all the time!

Show your Feelings

Don’t be shy in your wedding photos. If you feel like laughing, then laugh. Let your face showcase all the emotions you will experience that day. Trying to suppress emotions will make you look cold and unfriendly, almost as if you don’t want to be in the picture. Instead, relax and live every moment of the wedding. 

Laugh, cry, hold hands, hug and don’t think that much about the camera and your look. With digital photography development, photographers aren’t limited by the film length. Therefore, they can take numerous photos which are precious for reliving the atmosphere years after. 

Moreover, when you don’t think about your facial expression that much, your facial lines will be softer and you will look more attractive in the pictures.

When thinking about a wedding photoshoot, most people feel pressured to look like models. However, natural posing will still make you feel most attractive and most like you. The experienced photographer can catch the essence of you, your partner and your connection. 

Keeping the back straight, slow movements and relaxing as much as possible will create a natural effect on the pictures. 

Don’t look straight into the camera and try not to think about the camera. Be yourself and show your emotions!

Published on: 21/02/2021

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