Wedding preparation: things you can do at home

The Coronavirus pandemic certainly affected your wedding plans, but you can still start your wedding preparation on the right track. Because of the pandemic, you probably spend the majority of your free time at home. So, why not make the best out of it? 

Luckily, there are a few things you can complete at home, that are highly important for the right atmosphere and the whole event. Completing these tasks will make you feel productive and less stressed about your wedding plans!

Let’s see how you can start wedding preparation at home.

Create a mood board

Start by determining how you want your wedding to look like and what is your vision of the wedding. Think about the style and atmosphere. 

A mood board is a great way to organise your ideas and thoughts. It can serve as a simple guide that will lead you through the wedding preparation process.  Start by collecting inspiration and organising it on the board, consider colours, and decoration details. You can search on Pinterest for more ideas. 

Once you gather enough inspirational images, arrange the images, and stick to those that match your initial wedding vision. Assemble the board, so it is easy to understand and follow, and create sections that you will fill out with inspirational pictures.

For example, make sections for lighting, flowers, seats, cake, food, etc. 

Create a playlist

Music is essential for a good atmosphere at the wedding. Before you choose a wedding band or a DJ (or both), think about the songs you want to hear on your big day. 

You need to determine which song will be played for your first dance, which song you want to hear for the cake, and what song will mark the end of the party. Talk with your partner about his or her preferences as well. 

Also, it would be useful to make a list of “forbidden songs”. That way, songs you don’t like and don’t want to hear at your wedding, won’t be there to destroy your mood. 

Having a playlist is useful for defining the right band and the overall genre of the wedding music.

Do sports

You want to look and feel the best way possible for your wedding day. Thus, you can consider enrolling in some home workout sessions. Not only that you will be in shape for whatever style wedding dress you choose, but you will also be able to withstand the entire day (and night) of dance. 

Also, doing sports will help you to ease any possible stress about planning. The wedding day coming ahead is excellent motivation to start working out as soon as possible!

Check for sales or special proposals

Very often, vendors, wedding dress salons etc. have special proposals for wedding packages. Start your research at home to find out when to expect discounts. 

For example, many wedding dress salons have a discount in February, August, or December. Therefore, make sure to find the dress before the sales months come, to be able to get it with a discount. 

Create the guest’s list

Creating the guest’s list for a wedding isn’t an easy task. The chances are that the list will suffer multiple revisions and changes until you are completely satisfied with it. Also, planning your guest’s list is essential for the proper vendor and catering choice.

When you complete it, the rest of the wedding preparations’ goals are easier to achieve. 

Start planning your honeymoon

There is no task that is as pleasant as planning the honeymoon. Start by talking with your partner about possible destinations. Decide whether you want an active adventure or laid-back, hedonistic honeymoon. Check the hotels’ reviews in the area and decide where you want to stay.

Once you are completely sure about your destination and hotels, start with the booking process. 

Determine your food and drinks menu

Use your mood board to gather the ideas for food and drinks. Select the menu style – traditional food, finger-food, special menus for the guests (vegan, vegetarian, kids menu, etc.). 

Make sure to be aware of your budget, serving style, and overall wedding vision. For example, do you want a self-service at your wedding, do you prefer seasonal food, more meat or fish, or exotic dishes? What about drinks? Do you want cocktails or you want to invest in high-quality wine selection? 

Once you narrow the choice, you can start by creating a menu. 

You don’t have to be an event expert to plan your dream wedding. It is important to break the process into sections and, good news! Essential steps such as guest list, wedding style, and honeymoon planning can, and should be completed from home!

Published on: 04/08/2020

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