Wedding trends that will never become outdated

When it comes to weddings, less is more, and with a few special, elegant touches you can make your wedding day a day to remember.

You will revive your wedding day for the rest of your life, so you should avoid following the trends blindly. Focusing on classy trends will not make you look boring if you add a few personal details.

Let’s talk about timeless wedding trends that will make you feel proud anytime you think of it.

Exquisite style

From wedding dress, through venue decoration and invitation, if you stick to the elegance, there are fewer chances that you will make mistakes. If you are not sure which theme to be the highlight of your wedding, choose minimalism with elegant details.

For example, pick a feminine dress that emphasizes your silhouette, avoid using too much glitter. Rather, choose an elegant font on the invitation and use gold ink, go with the subtle decoration, and keep it simple.

You can pick a three-color scheme, and stick to it for the best effects.

Dodge tacky color combination and neon colors, and go with subtle, warm colors.

Long veils

Long veils look beautiful on all kinds of wedding dresses and hairstyles. They add an effect of grace and sophistication and look gorgeous on photos, too.

You can choose a knee-length veil if you want a practical accessory.

Those who want a luxurious effect can pick a floor-length veil. There are endless possibilities for unique wedding photos with a long veil, and you can talk with your photographer for more inspiration.

Eco-friendly and responsible weddings

Caring for the environment will never go out of style, and if you choose a “green” wedding, you are giving your contribution to our beautiful planet.

For starters, you can pick an outdoor venue where the sun will do the magic for you. Old vineyard or gardens are charming locations for a wedding ceremony and reception, and because no one has to travel two places, you will cut the fuel emissions.

Next, instead of mailing paper invitations, you can save trees and mail beautiful PDF invitations to your guests. You can even make a video or animation. Still, if you want to send traditional invitations, make sure that they are made from recycled paper and vegetable-oil ink.

For catering, you can pick a farm-to-table style to cut down the waste and use of plastic. Make sure that food is coming from local growers and that is in-season food, which will reduce the need for plastic packaging and chemical use. That way, you are ensuring fresh food and you are kind to the Earth.

There are so many eco-friendly ideas you can implement in your wedding, such as wearing your mother’s gown, plantable favors, or organic flowers.

Professional illumination of the wedding venue

Lighting is especially important for ambiance and wedding photography. For example, colorful illumination can be exceptional and create a unique and vivid atmosphere. On the other hand, if done in the wrong way, it can end up tacky and ruin your pictures. Also, the same venue can look completely different with the help of a professional who will implement appropriate lighting techniques.

For example, a professional will know how to include pinspotting lighting and highlight central pieces of decoration. Besides, using some professional tools for lighting can illuminate the simple venue parts for pictures, and create rustic, modern, or even edgy effect.

DIY Touches

Adding DIY touches to the different elements of your wedding will make it personal and more meaningful. For example, you can add a monogram to your long veil, or create a personal hashtag on social media.

Having a beautiful wedding from the wedding magazine is great, but spicing it up with personal stories, hand-made gifts, and cards will contribute to the friendly atmosphere, rather than uptight.

Additional bars and corners

You want your guest to have fun, so why not make a layout of bars and charming corners? For example, make a sweet table with all kinds of sweets for sweet tooth people, or make a wine rack for wine lovers?

You can even make theme corners, for children or single people, and make your guests engage and mingle.

Printing of photobooks

Having a photobook of your wedding is something that will never go out of style. Yes, you can keep your memories on the cloud, but a beautiful photobook with your wedding photos is a priceless piece that will always make you smile. After all, when the time passes, your wedding photographs will be the only thing that can bring back the feeling of your wedding day.

Experimenting with your wedding style can turn out to be a great idea, but also, it can end up as a tacky fall. Therefore, stick to the timeless wedding trends and mix them up with your personal favorites, stay responsible, and don’t forget to have fun!

Published on: 18/08/2020

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