Hi, my name is Iryna

Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer in Vienna

I moved from Ukraine to Austria in 2012 and have been living in Vienna since then. With new experiences and acquaintances, my love of photography has only grown stronger. What could be better than taking pictures of happy people?

I devote a lot of time to learning the work of the best photographers and will never stop to study in order to take timeless pictures with a creative approach.

I work with both natural and artificial light regardless of the shooting conditions. My photography style can be defined as a mixture of reportage and elegant posing. My photography is a fusion of the classics and the latest trends, as well as finding the best camera angles and the right light.

The most rewarding parts of my work are the moments I capture and the genuine emotions of the people I photograph. It is very important to me that at a wedding, photo session or individual shoot, everyone feels comfortable and the time is spent in a relaxed and easy atmosphere. A wedding combines many different types of photography: portraits, reportage as well as landscapes. It is the variety, the uniqueness of each wedding and the emotions that evoke my deepest feelings.

I consider it a huge privilege to be part of the most special day of your life, and to have the opportunity to document it as honestly and artistically as possible.

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When I take photographs, I think of my images as stills from a film. Do you know a feeling when your favourite movie after being watched multiply times is still entertaining and interesting? So should be photos too.

Weddings, like our whole lives, are made up of moments and often small details. My job is to capture these moments for your children and to make the individual details meaningful and valuable years later.

Beauty is everywhere - it's just a way of seeing it!

Selected Photostories

In an age in which everyone owns a phone and can snap photos at any time, we quickly forget that photography is actually an art form. Like a painter, a photographer tells a story with his or her images, a story that can be understood without words.

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