Hochzeitsfotografin in Wien Iryna Murselovic

Hello! My name is Iryna, I am happily married and am currently living in Vienna. I was born in Ukraine and moved to Austria in 2012. This is where my love of photography has continued to develop.

In 2016, I successfully completed a wedding photography course in Saint Petersburg. This provided me with the opportunity to receive feedback from five of the best wedding photographers in Russia and to benefit from their experience.

In order to be able to provide professional services, I work with both natural light outdoors as well as set up the lighting with several flashes during the wedding party. My style is a mixture of documentary photography and elegantly posed photos.

With my images, I try to depict honest feelings between people. For me, it is important that the people I photograph are able to enjoy the photosessions in a relaxed manner and feel comfortable in front of my camera. Through effortless, informal images, I record touching moments in unique photos. True emotions cannot be staged; they have to be captured in the right moment.


Photography is my fifth language!