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Why should we hire you as our wedding photographer?2020-04-02T00:43:38+02:00

When you hire a wedding photographer your top priority will be of course the quality of the photos. If you are already on my website and reading this, I hope you like my style of photography.

I will be your friend and problem-solver! At our first free consultation I will help you to schedule the wedding timeline and provide you with a wedding planning checklist.

I know how to work with natural and artificial lighting, how to choose the best angle and will prove that taking photos can be fun.

My clients receive the first photos already in 3 days after the wedding, so you don’t need to wait months, in order to see how beautiful your wedding day was.

We don’t know how to pose. Will you direct us?2020-04-02T00:46:16+02:00

I will definitely help you to feel comfortable and relaxed, in order to achieve very natural posing because I believe that is not a pose but emotions make a photo unique.

You may have noticed that only a small number of my photographs look staged despite the fact that they often contain elements of the staging. Why is that? Because at a wedding I focus on telling a story through photography, creating different situations and allowing you to live in them.

Do you offer wedding books?2021-01-12T20:26:51+01:00

Of course, I do! Wedding books bring your gorgeous images to life. They are distinguished by high quality, stylish design and a wide range of decorative elements.

In the online gallery you can choose your favourite photos for your wedding book.  

If you book one of the collections “Premium” or “Standard” you can choose any wedding book you want because the price depends only on the size. There are 5 beautiful designs and you will definitely find the best wedding book for you!

Can we have unedited (raw) images?2020-04-02T00:59:41+02:00

My goal as a photographer is to provide you with the high-resolution photos of same style, colour and quality that you can see on my website or social media. For this reason, I select and edit every image you receive very carefully. In addition, large portraits will be retouched to provide you with the final product you are already familiar with.

How many wedding photos do we get?2020-04-02T01:05:28+02:00

Depending on the variety of events at your wedding, the number of pictures you will receive may vary. My goal is to provide appr. 40-50 unique and high-quality photos per hour of work. Usually I avoid including true duplicates of the same image into the selection, however, if there are several emotional photos with minor differences you will receive them all.

How the images are delivered?2021-01-12T20:34:21+01:00

Your edited wedding photos will be delivered in two different formats: high-resolution files suitable for printing as well as resized small copies without watermarks for sharing them on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Digital files will be made available for download via a password-protected online gallery. 

Do you work with a second photographer?2021-01-12T20:50:12+01:00

The services of the second photographer can be ordered additionally. At weddings I work with my assistant who may also take some photos. Nevertheless, the primary function of the assistant is to help me with the lighting, organise logistics and manage some small assignments.

Do you offer discounts?2020-04-02T01:29:23+02:00

Occasionally I have discounts or special offers. Follow @irynamurselovic on Instagram to stay informed!

Do you offer portrait or other types of photoshoots?2020-04-02T01:36:45+02:00

Yes, sure! I highly recommend a pre-wedding photo shoot because it’s a great way to get to know each other before you get married.  

Besides weddings, I would be happy to offer Love Story and portrait photoshoots. Please note that in spring and summer, such shootings can be taken on Thursday or Sunday due to the wedding schedule. However, in exceptional cases they can be organized on Friday or Saturday.

Do you have backup equipment?2020-04-02T01:42:45+02:00

I use two professional Nikon cameras and four lenses, tripods and flashes, many batteries and memory cards. I will bring to the wedding more equipment than one really need – you will see! If all this will not be enough my assistant has one more backup camera.

At home I store your photos in two different media – on my hard drive and on my local file server. After editing your photos, they are copied to an external hard drive and your online gallery serves as a second backup.

Do you reserve the right to publish the photos?2020-04-02T01:49:06+02:00

Like every photographer, I also have the right to publish photos, but we can discuss it. I respect your privacy and will never insist on publishing your photos if you have objections. But I hope you will agree that your photos are beautiful enough to be shared!

How we reserve you for our wedding date?2020-04-02T01:53:09+02:00

The wedding date is reserved after the contract is signed and the deposit payment is received.

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