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Gorgeous wedding photo books finished to perfection

The Journey to Your Dream Wedding Album

Why are wedding photo books important?

Flipping pages with your pictures is a priceless act due to tactile feeling that can easily transfer you back to your big day. A wedding photo book is a more personalised and practical solution than a folder on your computer called “Wedding”.

Modern photo books offer something that digital photos don’t – a wide range of personalisation options that you can use to design the album to suit your style and personality. Choose any details you like – such as layout, background colour, album size, cover colours, cover materials or embossing.

Wedding books and other printing products are the best way to protect your most precious photos.

Photo books Design

What you see when you receive a link to the wedding photo book design is called a layout. Layouts are often referred to as “spreads”. When looking at your album design, you will approve individual spreads, not pages.

A wedding Photo Book isn’t just an album with random images. It is a complete product that tells a story about two people who love each other.

Digital photo albums are graphically created using your photos and then printed and stitched into a personalised book.

Photo Books difference that you can see

The printing method is also important, for the pictures to be authentically replicated on a sheet of special paper. The high-quality wedding photo books are made on thick pages that have soft texture and bring rich colours. Thick pages maintain their shape no matter how often you flip through them. Therefore, it is a much better choice than just printing and gluing your pictures in a standard album. Ordering a wedding book with Jet Press inkjet printing you contribute to the preservation of the environment.

The flat binding allows a single photo to be printed on both pages. When you open the photo book, the pages will be completely flat, with no slits in the middle, and you can fully enjoy the beauty of your photos.

A wedding photo book will last for ages and the pictures won’t fade, crack, or chip over the years.

You are not paying just for a book. In the first place, all pictures for the photobook are being naturally retouched and adjusted to the same colour, so they all are looking very harmoniously on a spread. Remember that when you ask a wedding photographer to put together a wedding album, you are also paying for the experience of creating the ‘wedding story’.

If you want the book to last, it needs to include exclusive materials. You can choose any wedding book you like from a variety of stylistic solutions. There are five beautiful designs with customisation possibilities and you will definitely find the best wedding book for you!

Hi-end boxes for wedding photobooks are the perfect addition to protect your memories for the years to come.

As far as your design is ready you can easily order downsized copies of photo books for parents or friends for a much smaller price.

Printing your images will never go out of style and if you decide to make a wedding photo book, it will never be forgotten, lost or destroyed.

Feel free to talk with me about your options and ask any questions you might have about wedding photo books.

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