Presents for wedding guests – 10 simple yet fun ideas

Wedding favors for your guests are a great way to make your wedding extra special. They can be souvenirs like keychains or candy bags, but they can also be something much more fun and make your day memorable for everyone. We put together a list of wedding favors that are a little different but are sure to be a hit!

Edible and drinkable favors

1. Personalised Love Hearts

Who remembers these lovely sweets from your childhood? We’re certain your guests would love the throwback! You can order the Love Hearts to be personalized with yours and your other half’s names. Or, if you’d like to make it extra special, you can customise each pack for every guest with their names.

2. Artisanal honey

It’s never been easier to support local businesses, such as apiaries. Most towns have at least one of those. Honey is a very versatile product that your guests would certainly use. You can ask a local artisan to create a honeycomb (get it?) of little jars. Once they do, you can add little personalized tags to each jar, or cute messages like “meant to bee” or “pollen in love”.

3. Vegetable seeds

The idea of seeds as a wedding favour is not only useful but also really easy and fun to implement. You can package them in little heart-shaped linen bags, biodegradable paper cushions or wooden boxes separated by sections. It’d be extra special if they come from your own garden or represent the veggies served at the wedding.

4. Cocktails in tiny jars

This is one way to make sure your guests are having a fabulous time! The DIY mason jars of cocktails, or wine if you will are really fun to make. You can customise them to each guest’s taste if you have time, or display them at reception so they can mix-and-match to their heart’s content.

5. Tea or Coffee in a Corked Glass Bottle

Create a custom blend of tea for your wedding and package them into small glass bottles with cork. Or, if you and your guests prefer coffee, the beans (whole or ground) would also look amazing! This way, the guests can remember your wedding every time they make a cuppa.

Non-edible favors

6. Charity donation in their name

For a truly special way to make a difference and support your community, you can make a donation to your favourite charity in the name of each guest. You can order special personalized cards confirming the donation and hand them out to each guest. You can also donate to several charities special to your friends and family – it would mean a lot to them for sure!

7. Bride & Groom Masks

These would certainly make for fun group photos! The masks with bride’s and groom’s faces on them are a great way to add some entertainment to the reception. If you’re having a dance-off or some games, the masks are a fantastic prop. Just make sure not to kiss someone wearing one who isn’t your other half!

8. Personalised Tea Towels

Every Royal Wedding, the tea towels make a comeback – whether it’s with Kate and Will, or Meghan and Harry. What’s stopping you from taking a leaf out of their book? Tea towels are a useful item for each household, so your guests would actually use them. Plus, they’re a good alternative to tissues if somebody runs out at the wedding.

9. Fans or Handwarmers

Whether you’re having a summer or a winter wedding, someone would always be too hot or too cold. Of course, you want to take care of your guests and make sure they have a great time. In the summer, a fan with your names or pictures on it is a great idea. And if you’re a winter nuptials person, a small handwarmer would be a must, especially in a drafty church.

10. Blind Date with a Book

This one is for literature lovers – many bookstores have embraced the “blind date with a book trend”. You wrap a book in opaque paper and put up a card with a summary, but the customer doesn’t know what the book actually is. You can do the same at your wedding – plenty of charity shops carry great books in excellent condition. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s a good way to support a social enterprise – win, win, win!

Published on: 21/04/2019

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