When I take photographs, I think of my images as stills from a film. Do you know a feeling when your favourite movie after being watched multiply times is still entertaining and interesting? So should be photos too.

My photo reportages are created from effortless, informal snapshots. I like to capture touching moments and transform them into natural, unique images.

In an age in which everyone owns a phone and can snap photos at any time, we quickly forget that photography is actually an art form. Like a painter, a photographer tells a story with his or her images, a story that can be understood without words.

Why you need a professional photographer?

You won’t have to figure out the timings of the shots, poses, lighting, etc. I will do it for you, using my experience;

You won’t have to make a random guest take photos on the phone – they’re there to have a good time and be happy for you;

You have an opportunity to receive creative and interesting photos which probably would never be captured otherwise;

I have back-up resources if the equipment fails so there is no need to worry about any technical problems;

Not only the best moments of your wedding will be captured, but also the photos will be edited in a creative and beautiful way;

I will be glad to create a high-quality wedding album for you – perhaps the best gift of all!

Iryna Murselovic Hochzeitsfotografin Wien