Scenarios for the First Look Photos

The first look is an exciting wedding tradition that appeared not so long in the past. It refers to the moment where the bride and groom see each other for the first time at the wedding. 

The first look photo session intends to catch those initial moments of excitement, joy between the couple when everything comes together before the wedding officially starts.

Here are the five most popular scenarios for seeing each other on the wedding day.

Morning Preparation Together

If you don’t want traditional first look photos, we can arrange photo shooting in the morning, during the preparation. We can do it if you and your partner are preparing for the wedding together in the same location, for example, the same apartment or hotel. 

That way, we can gradually build the story through scenes and take pictures as both of you dress up, put on makeup, do your hair, etc. 

When you are ready, we can capture the portraits of you two and will not need to spend time on it later!

Bride Waits for The Groom

There is something romantic when a bride waits for the groom and a photographer takes pictures as he approaches. The romantic symbolism behind it can be the bride waits for the prince charming, etc. We can shoot outside, in the shade of a lovely tree, or inside, near her vanity table. 

There are many possibilities for the pictures and we can capture the delicate moment when the bride slowly turns to face her groom. 

Also, having a first look photo shooting allows you to share an intimate moment before the wedding actually begins. 

The Groom Waits for The Bride

The next scenario, when the groom waits for the bride to appear, is a bit more frequent. The traditional scene often takes place on the stairs, with the groom in foothill. He stands there and waits for the bride to go down the stairs, revealing her sensuality as she moves. As the bride approaches, there is a great opportunity to capture the emotions on the groom’s face. Also, it is one of the most iconic scenes often replicated in movies and TV shows. Therefore, if you are looking for a movie-moment at your wedding, the first look at stairs can be an excellent idea. 

Having the first look photo sessions before the ceremony is practical for one more reason. A couple often gets emotional, sometimes they even cry, so you have time for touch-ups before the ceremony.

Romantic Photos

The photo shooting when the bride and the groom are close together but don’t see each other is quite impressive. For example, the two of them can stay on opposite sides in the doorway and wait for when they finally see each other. A photographer may also make a bride and a groom say to each other something pleasant or romantic, which raises the anticipation and enhances the emotions.

There are so many scenarios for these surprise images and they can get both romantic and fun. We can shoot outside or inside. One of the most beautiful scenes is when the bride and groom stand or sit separated and read the vows of each other. The moment when they eventually see each other is very emotional and real. 

First Look at the Ceremony

Lastly, some couples agree to see each other at the ceremony for the first time that day. When I shoot the first look during the ceremony, the pictures get the sophistication aspect. The couple waits for hours, which only magnifies their excitement. 

Also, because emotions are at their peak the couple often stays in that mood for the entire wedding ceremony. That way, we can get unique and realistic ceremony pictures. 

If you decide to have your first look photos taken at the ceremony, we can arrange a pre-shooting, so-called first touch shooting. You and your partner can share a moment with closed eyes in the morning, but wait for the ceremony to get a full look.

Deciding to have a first look shooting is beneficial for the couple for many reasons. It will help you calm your nerves and have more vivid and genuine pictures with raw emotions. Whatever your photo shooting ideas are, nothing beats the look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride in the wedding dress for the first time.

Published on: 16/04/2021

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