Wedding in winter – is it a good idea?

Twinkling lights illuminating the layer of snow laying on the ground, snowflakes swaying with the breeze while you dance are having your first dance. Or maybe red flowers against the white background of the winter scenario while you utter your vows in front of your friends and loved ones. It all sounds mesmerizing, and thinking of it like that, you kind of see yourself picking a winter wedding over a traditional summery one. But, is that fantasy truly what it seems? Are winter weddings a good idea?

Well, that depends on how you approach things. Definitely, aside from the beautiful scenario, there are certainly more advantages.

1. The financial advantages:
Seeing that winter isn’t exactly wedding season, means everything is cheaper. Especially the avenue and staff. Just like anything else, weddings cost few when out of season. Because everything is cheaper, that also means you may get to work with people (photographers, videographers, decorators and designers) that would usually be way out of your wage.

2. The time:
Because there aren’t a lot of weddings organized in that period of time, the risks of delays, because of other orders, or reaching out to someone with a packed schedule is less. That means you won’t have to wait long for your dream avenue to be free, or for your favorite photographer to have time and add you to his/her agenda.

3. The unique tent of it:
Everyone is used to the usual wedding photos where the bride is standing in the middle of a field surrounded by flowers, green grass and a clear sky. But how often did you see a bride, in the middle of snow, surrounded by elegant flakes and a scenario designed for a fairytale. The idea of it alone makes your imagination go wild, leaves you thinking of ice queens and castles, of outstanding images and views.

Having a winter wedding also means you can allow your imagination to run wild, to reach out to ideas that would otherwise be incoherent. For instance, when it comes to the decorations you can opt out of pine needles and pinecones, ice sculptures and red glitter. Things that would simply carry your guests in a land full of fantasy and where the winter vibe never dies. You can also have an interesting kind of bar. You can add glint-wine and warm chocolate adding a unique touch to the usual wine and Champaign.

Having a winter wedding seems magical, amazing. But it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Having a wedding during a cold season means you should be ready to take precautions you wouldn’t have to worry on any other day.

With that in mind, while planning your wedding, you should take into consideration:

  • If you happen to have a wedding that includes several locations, you should make sure they are close to one another. Roads during winter aren’t as fast and accessible as they are during warm seasons.
  • Your makeup should be resistant. It will have to face extreme conditions, cold and snow. You don’t want to reach the end of the day, when the party is still going, looking all smudged and tired, with your makeup all over the place.
  • The dress. Having a wedding in the cold season means you must add certain accessories to your dress that will shield you form the cold. You can opt for a cape, a fur coat, or any other kind of solid fabric that will keep you warm while outside.

Weddings are beautiful, no matter the season or place. They represent the happiest day of one’s life, so they better be something the couple dreamed about, and that may include having it during winter.

Published on: 21/09/2018

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