Top 8 Wedding Trends of 2019

Is 2019 gonna be the year you get married? Do you want to be the trendiest, most fabulous bride (or groom)? Then consider incorporating some of the hottest trends of this year into your Big Day!

The Meghan Effect

Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s nuptials were probably The Wedding of 2018. So it’s no surprise that the “Meghan Effect” is sweeping through the wedding industry. From the classic and elegant wedding dresses echoing the Duchess of Sussex’s stunning look to the extra fabulous floral archway, you can bet that the Royal Wedding’s gonna be the hottest trend for months. Not to mention, the classic silhouette of Meghan’s dress would suit almost everyone.


Zero-waste lifestyle is gaining momentum very quickly, which is fantastic. What could be better than having a beautiful wedding that’s also an example of sustainability? Digital invitations are not only waste-free but are also harder to lose, since they’d go directly to a recipient’s phone calendar. There are so many ethical possibilities regarding food, too – organic menus, locally sourced foods, etc. The farm-to-fork mode of catering is looking very promising, for instance. And of course, plastic-free accessories are so chic and much better for the planet!

Themed weddings

Wedding colors are fabulous, but structuring an entire wedding around a theme is a trend growing at an impressive speed. Love Harry Potter? Why not have a photobooth with wands and other props and Chocolate Frogs as wedding favors? 60s’ fans? Nothing’s stopping you from dancing to Beatles, Stones and The Beach Boys all night long! Just keep in mind that some guests’ ideas of a great party might not be the same as that of your Game-of-Thrones-loving soul 😉


Again, we have Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenia to thank for this one. The Windsor Castle is stunning, but if it’s a little out of your budget range, don’t worry! Places like Croatia, Mykonos and Morocco can definitely be called “emerging wedding venue markets”, thanks to their increasing popularity. The beautiful castles and manors in these locations could be perfect for you – not least because the photographs would be stunning!

“Extra” cakes

Meghan’s dress too minimalist for your tastes? Good news – other 2019 wedding trends pack a lot of “extra” punch! Brides want to enjoy themselves on their day – and cutting the cake is a big part of it! So why not get the most fabulous cake possible? There are plenty of bakers to choose from, and their fantasy is running wilder than ever. And after all, the more amazing it looks, the more delicious it tastes. Fact. And who said you only had to have one?

Illustrated invitations

Whether you opt for digital invites or traditional handmade paper ones, make sure to make them fun. And 2019’s illustration trend is a great way to do just that. At the very least, it’d make a great souvenir for your guests and they’d never get another one like that for sure! And it’s a great chance to support local up-and-coming artists.


Grazing tables are so Instagrammable! The gorgeous assortments of fruits, cheeses, candies and other goodies can be customized, which would be a fun project to indulge in. They are a great way to make sure that there’s something for everyone. And if a grazing table is next to, or integrated with, an interactive food station, you can be sure that every guest would have a good time, eating and drinking what THEY want. Win-win.

Personalisation and customization

At the end of the day, it’s YOUR Big Day. So when it comes down to it, the world’s your oyster! Luckily, 2019’s all about personalization. Personalized stationery, invitations, artistic food displays – the list goes on and on. And with so many locations to choose from and a huge range of talented local artists just waiting to be discovered, it’s easier than ever to throw a wedding that’s super trendy and yet, so completely, YOURS.

Published on: 09/01/2019

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