This is why a small wedding may a better option

Coronavirus messed up with everybody’s plans, including the bride’s and groom’s, but there might be some reasons to get cheered up.

A small wedding is more intimate, not necessarily more affordable, but can be just as astonishing as the large one.

Let’s see why choosing a small wedding might be a better option, than waiting for things to get better and make a large wedding!

Unique location

Large weddings with plenty of guests require established vendors that can handle a large number of people. Therefore, location selection is limited.

On the other hand, if you plan a small wedding, there are no boundaries! You can set up a few chairs and tables anywhere you want – on the beach, on the edge of the mountain cliff, near the mesmerizing waterfall, in the woods, etc. 

Additionally, serving food to several people is much simpler and can be organized anywhere. 

More intimate ceremony 

The ceremony is the central event of your big day. A small wedding emphasizes a more intimate atmosphere. Only the closest friends and family will attend your wedding ceremony. There are no annoying aunts and coworkers, only your closest people who appreciate your love almost as you do. 

After all, it only takes two for the wedding, the rest is a party!

More attention to details

When you are ready to organize a small wedding, you have more freedom and time to focus on every single detail of the day. Instead of thinking about guests’ accommodation and transport, you can focus more on flower arrangements, the atmosphere, presents for your guests, songs, and schedule.

There are endless possibilities for preparing a small wedding to match your dreams.

Easier to plan

A small wedding is much easier to organize. First of all, there are fewer people whose wishes you need to consider in terms of menu and music. Next, choosing a location is simpler, and ordering food and drinks can be done only two days ahead. 

Budget for a honeymoon is larger

Many brides and grooms actually look forward more to a honeymoon than to a wedding day, because of all the stress. If you plan to make a small wedding, it means that you have more money to spend on your honeymoon. 

Feeding 100+ guests and paying for the music and all the necessary details, are quite expensive. If you have a short guest list, you can spend more money on some exotic destination and extend your holiday for a few days.

You can be much more creative

In general, all large weddings look alike. They are organized at similar places, they follow a certain timeline and have an almost fair-like atmosphere. The logistics behind a large wedding is highly important, so there is not much room for thinking out of the box.

On the other hand, you can do whatever you want with a small wedding. For example, you can make a theme wedding, beach wedding, travel to an exotic location and get married in your swimming suit. 

You can say Yes in the dawn, or midnight, anywhere you want.

Additionally, you won’t be so stressed with the organization. Therefore, you will be more relaxed and ready to enjoy your big moment. 

Large weddings are something many people prefer, as a way to throw an outstanding party, so that everyone can witness the love and affection of the bride and groom. 

However, small weddings are much more charming, more personal, and authentic. 

You can make your wedding wherever you want, just the way you want it. Therefore, try to think about the current situation from a positive perspective. This is your chance to throw a unique wedding and create the best memories of your life.

Published on: 06/09/2020

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