Wedding Style Explained: Rustic

The main draw of this wedding style is how relaxed and laid-back it is. You can incorporate as many details as you want in a rustic wedding, without focusing too much on the formalities. Usually, rustic weddings are inspired by rural settings and the country life. So outdoorsy elements are the key here.
If your heart is set on an outdoorsy event with a casual vibe, a rustic wedding might be just the thing for you! We put together some tips related to the most important things to remember.


Perhaps the most obvious tip is a countryside venue. That can be a barn, a farm, a B&B or even a vineyard. Basically, anything that allows everyone to let their hair down and party without any pretentiousness. Of course, it’s a celebration, so make sure that the barn isn’t manure-infused! Rustic doesn’t have to mean “messy”. Rather, choose a venue that can be a strong base for your casual aesthetic, while retaining the spirit of the celebration. And if you’re braving the cold and doing a rustic winter wedding, check that your venue of choice is open during the colder time of the year.


The wonderful thing about Mother Nature is that all colors are part of her. So, a rustic wedding’s color palette can be anything you like. Be advised, though, that the softer hues and blends would look more authentic than, say snow white and dark purple put together. Cream and lilac would be lovely though. And if you love green and beiges, you’re in luck especially! The multifaceted palette of those colors gives you dozens of options to play with. And the best thing about a rustic wedding is that the blend doesn’t have to be perfect.


The idea of “casual” vibe is not stressing too much about anything, and that includes the dress. Of course, we know it’s not possible to not be fussy about your wedding gown – and you should be! – but the point of rustic chic is to make it look effortless. And to do that, a bride should wear whatever she feels most comfortable in. It might be a vintage gown transformed into a nymph’s outfit with some flowers, or a princess gown paired up with cowboy boots. If you want everything to match, more power to you – but if you want to stand out on your wedding day, a rustic wedding is your place to shine.

Food and drink

Locally sourced, artisanal, authentic. When it comes to rustic weddings menu, those aren’t merely buzzwords. Whether you’re having a sit-down meal or a buffet, rustic weddings are all about keeping it natural. If you’re having it on a vineyard, you’re sorted for wine. Seasonal farm-grown vegetables, honey from a local apiary, cake from a village bakery – there are many ways to incorporate sustainability into a rustic wedding, and supporting local businesses while having a great time!


When you decorate a rustic wedding, think “aesthetic”. Swings, ladder floral displays, baby’s breaths, mason jars… when it comes to rustic chic decor, the world is really your oyster! Especially if you’re a D.I.Y. fan and a creative person inspired by your environment. As long as at least some part of your event is outdoors, you can go as crazy and as mismatched as your heart allows. Whether your cover your wooden tables with linen cloths and display baby’s breaths in old milk bottles as centerpieces or have chalkboard menus and moss-filled lanterns hanging above everyone – or both – the most important thing is that it looks amazing and everyone loves it.

Published on: 28/05/2019

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