My 10 favourite locations for a wedding photoshoot in Vienna

If you are so lucky to arrange the wedding in the wonderful city of Vienna or the surroundings, there are so many magnificent locations you can choose for a wedding photoshoot. 

These are my favourite 10 locations. The choice is on you!

Top 5 Indoor Wedding Shooting Locations in Vienna

Indoor locations are the best for preparation photos, individual portraits and fashion-style couple shooting. 

#1 Palais Coburg Residenz

The Coburg Palais in Vienna has been finished in the middle of the 19th century. To this day, it represents a real masterpiece of extensive and pricey renovations. The Palais has stunning and luxurious suites organised in maisonette style with a phenomenal view of the garden or cathedral.

For example, the Dom Fernando suite features an authentic vintage chandelier and dark green marble French fireplace in a spacious suite filled with details and natural light. 

Suite number 208, called August, offers stunning tall windows, mahogany furnishing, and sophisticated decor. Whichever residence you choose, you will never want to leave it!

#2 Hotel Imperial

The Imperial is one of the most luxurious hotels in Vienna. Each room and suite features a unique blend of authenticity and lavish decor worthy of royal families. 

The Elisabeth suite stands out with the blue wall coverings, authentic oil paintings, crystal chandeliers and sophisticated furniture. We can shoot in every corner of the suite and get magnificent photos! 

Royal Suite is a one-of-a-kind treat for all photographers, with a spacious and carefully polished interior and majestic, lighted makeup mirror, which is excellent for bride dressing up pictures. You will feel like a true queen dressing up in this suite! 

#3 Hotel Topazz 

Topazz hotel in Vienna is another luxury hotel on my list. What makes this one stand out is the breathtaking architecture. I recommend you to check the Prestige Topazz room – cozy, elegant, and unique for its round windows. 

These windows make a perfect spot for an unusual indoor couple session and offer numerous ways to be creative and play with light and shadows.

#4 Palais Liechtenstein

The historical state rooms in Palais Liechtenstein in the heart of Vienna are really something different from everything I showed you far.

A huge ballroom on the second floor has open corridors arrangements, aristocratic decor, massive chandeliers and artwork. Therefore, it is an incredible location for indoor reception and shooting. 

The concert room on the first floor with its white-gold decoration and magnificent window borders on the sides of the room is another exceptional choice. High ceilings and elegant details create the aristocratic ambiance that some brides dream of! 

#5 Hotel Sacher Wien

If you are looking for timeless elegance with a dash of tradition and an extraordinary interior, Hotel Sacher in Vienna might be perfect for you. The hotel offers over 150 rooms and suites, each decorated in a modern style but with traditional elements. 

Rooms are well-illuminated with a lot of daylight, remarkable details, carpets, and a stunning view. 

My favourite is the Madam Butterfly suite that offers an almost 360° view of Vienna, which gives me so many opportunities to shoot fabulous pictures.

Top 5 Outdoor Wedding Shooting Locations in Vienna

If you prefer outdoor pictures in daylight or the sunset, here is the list of stunning locations you can choose for outdoor romantic couple shooting or taking your wedding ceremony outside. 

#6 Blumengarten Hirschstetten

The Hirschstetten Garden is one of the well-known gardens in Vienna. It is an exciting choice for couples who want to have their pictures focused on nature, but don’t want to leave Vienna. The large space includes themed show gardens and zoological areas. 

Each garden features charming glasshouses we can use for a romantic photoshoot. If you are looking for something wild and rarely seen, I recommend the turtle garden and the wild cat enclosure as unique wedding photo shooting locations. 

#7 Lainzer Tiergarten and Hermesvilla

Talking about nature and animals, I must mention the Lainzer Tiergarten. Woodland, sunny meadows, hidden pats cover the huge wildlife reserve and are home to exciting wildlife.

Moreover, this Tiergarten – Zoo features a so-called castle of the dream in the middle of the wilderness. I am talking about Hermesvilla, a castle built for hunting purposes of Habsburg nobility. 

The marble statue of Hermes, lavish fountains, stables with the original look and stunning setting of the Villa are the never-ending inspiration for photographers. 

#8 Weingut am Reisenberg 

If you have always dreamed about an outdoor wedding, consider Weingut am Riesenberg – a stunning event location with a beautiful view of Vienna. 

Professional service, alongside a charming setting, makes it perfect and practical for a wedding. We can have a photo shooting in the beautiful garden area, while guests enjoy the reception in the lounge area. You will save time for traveling but won’t compromise your wedding picture quality.

#9 Setagaya Park

Setagaya Park is a small Japanese garden near busy streets in Vienna, far away from the city center. It is perfect for a romantic photo session. The stunning landscape features a peaceful ambiance and is full of delightful details such as spring, stones, pools, waterfall.

The beautiful pagoda is my recommendation for a peaceful wedding ceremony. We can take pictures around the Angles gate, on the bridges, or thousands of other beautiful spots in this 4.000-square meter garden.

#10 Schönbrunn und Gloriette

The Vienna’s jewel, Schönbrunn castle with its gardens, maze, Roman ruins, extraordinary architecture, is maybe the location that offers you the wisest choice for wedding photo shooting. 

Neptune fountain and vivid gardens are just some ideas for year-round photo shooting.

However, you shouldn’t skip a massive gloriette, a lookout garden point on the crest of the hill. 

The gloriette is now an event hall because the central part has been converted to a cafe. You can rent the space for a private celebration and have your version of the royal wedding. 

Whichever spot for the picture you choose around Schönbrunn, sculptural decoration, capitals, arcade arches are some of the unique and attractive details that will look amazing on pictures.

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