Wedding Photoshoot in Austria – 10 Most Beautiful Locations

The bride and groom are a star in the wedding pictures but trust me when I tell you that a well-chosen location and a talented photographer can transform ordinary wedding pictures into magnificent masterpieces. 

I will share my top ten wedding photoshoot locations to inspire you to choose the best locations where you will feel comfortable.

#1 Hallstatt

We can organise shooting on the lakeshore, and capture pictures of the Alps and village landscape as a fantastic background. 

If we get up early in the morning, we can use the rising fog from the lake as a natural photo effect.

#2 Hintersee

Hintersee near Salzburg is my top favourite location for autumn weddings and shootings at non-commercial locations. The colourful forests of the nearby Alps reflect in the crystal clear lake and create an unforgettable setup for photographers. 

There are numerous options to play with perspectives and poses at this location.

Portrait images at Hintersee highlight the intimate atmosphere, the connection between the couple and emphasises their feelings. 

#3 Grünsee

Grünsee is a stunning lake in the Styria region. What makes this location stand apart from my previous lake-related recommendations is the out-of-this-world green color of the lake in the spring and summer, hence the lake name (Grün – green). Just imagine the contrast of the lake color and the white dress and dark-colored tux of the groom. This is also an amazing place for a pre-wedding or Love Story photoshoot.

The location is most popular in May and June when the melting water from nearby mountains fills the lake and gives its Caribbean-green/blue-like color. 

#4 Vorderer Gosausee

Three lakes near Gosau town, around 70 km from Salzburg make another one-of-a-kind scenery in Austria. Above the three lakes, there is a rocky mountain, and you can use a cable car to climb up to the top and have a photo shoot out there. 

Three lakes surrounded by divine nature create a unique pattern.  

#5 Gollinger Wasserfall

Gollinger Wasserfall isn’t far away from Salzburg, and it is one of the most romantic locations in the entire Austria. The Golling waterfall is 73 meters high and quite photogenic. 

The waterfall’s lower viewpoint is a unique spot where you get the impression that the waterfall dives into the cave. Continue your walk for a complete look over the waterfall and marvellous pictures.

#6 Leuchtturm Podersdorf

Leuchtturm Podersdorf is a lighthouse at the small harbor of the market town of Podersdorf am See. The famous landmark is visible from various locations and makes a stunning background for wedding images.

I recommend taking photos at the sunset when the sky turns pink, and the lights slowly start switching on.

#7 Zell am See

Zell am See is an administrative capital of the district within the Salzburg state in Austria. It features a unique mountain pattern in the horseshoe shape and a historic city center. 

You can have your pictures taken at the lake or around the central point of Zell am See landscape – the Romanesque style St Hippolyte’s Church.

#8 Doblhoffpark / Rosarium in Baden

The Doblhoffpark is Austria’s largest rose garden, located near Vienna. This artistic garden features diverse types of roses from all over the world. It is perfect for romantic pictures in June and July when all roses are in bloom. 

Every corner of the park provides a spectacular background for your wedding pictures and is perfect for spring and summer photo shootings. 

#9 Innsbruck

A large city in the Tyrol region, Innsbruck is a magnificent Alpine gem. If you choose to highlight the colourful historic buildings, you can have your pictures taken at Inn river. Photoshootings in Innsbruck are very popular in winter when the city turns into a fairytale.

#10 Schloss Rosenburg

There are so many reasons to have your wedding photoshoot at Castle Rosenburg. The authentic renaissance style of the castle and the lovely area make it fabulous for shooting year-round. 

The castle is tucked in the nature reserve – the Naturpark Kamptal, so it looks almost like a castle from medieval fairy tales. 

With more than 300 lakes in Austria and the mighty Alps, it can be hard to pick only one astonishing location for your wedding photoshoot. I hope my list can help you with that!  

Published on: 11/03/2024

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