Wedding preparation: which responsibilities you may delegate to the groom?

If you want to do it right, do it yourself! Sounds familiar? In most cases, it is true, but not when it comes to planning a wedding. A wedding is about two people, so why take all the responsibilities on you? There are plenty of things a groom can (and should do) to help. 

Delegating is good because it will reduce the stress and help you deal with other,  more creative wedding tasks, such as decoration.

Let’s see which tasks you can leave your groom to complete.

Budget Planning

A budget can be tricky tasks. Maybe the bride wants an expensive dress and lavish vendor, and the groom stands more on the ground with the money and all the costs. You can talk with your future husband and ask him to create a budget plan for the wedding. Tell him what you want, and leave it to him to make a budget plan for the entire wedding. 

Bureaucratic Issues

Everything related to licenses, making minister appointments, and other similar tasks you can delegate to the groom. Those are complicated responsibilities, but your partner might feel useful after he completes it. Moreover, if someone needs to wait in line, let your groom be a gentleman and take care of it.

Location Lightening and Other Technical Issues

You can pick flowers, and your groom can arrange the lighting of the location. However, keep in mind that you have to talk about it to prevent any possible misunderstanding. For example, you might want subtle lighting on the dancefloor, while he wants a disco ball. Therefore, talk to him and settle for a mutual solution, but leave him to deal with the technical aspects of it.

Wedding Website

A wedding website is an excellent idea to keep your guests informed about your wedding, especially during the pandemic. If you want to have a website with all necessary information about dates, dress code, timeline, etc., leave your future husband to deal with it. 

There are plenty of free templates to choose from, and he will probably pick the most informative one. Therefore, your guests will have no misunderstandings about location, dates, and other wedding details. 

You can check the website from time to time to see how accurate and forehand your groom is about posting updates.

Arranging Transportation

Arranging hotels and transportation for out-of-state and city guests can be dull tasks, but it has to be done at least one month before the wedding. Your guests should be promptly informed about all the details. 

It is best to delegate this task to your partner because he can focus on it and be more practical about it than you. While women focus more on the details, men tend to be more focused on the final results. After all, you want all your guests to be on time for your ceremony? Is so, leave it on him to deal with it.

Buying the Rings

If he has chosen the engagement ring properly, he might be good at choosing the rings. Also, he still knows your ring size, and he won’t have issues with the ring buying. 

Of course, you can talk with your future husband about what you want or what you want to avoid when it comes to rings. Moreover, you can choose your rings together, but let him buy the rings.

Planning the Honeymoon

It may seem like you have to delegate too many things to your groom, but in reality, there are still numerous small and complicated tasks to be done. 

You can plan your honeymoon together, or you leave it your man to do it. By now, he will probably know about your travel preferences and what locations you would like to travel to and what kind of honeymoon you want. Therefore, let him plan your honeymoon and make it a surprise for you. 

Wedding preparation can be stressful for both of you, but if you decide to approach it wisely, you can reduce the tension. You can complete some tasks, and your groom should also participate in some technical, bureaucratic, and money-related responsibilities. Just remember, if you have delegated any assignment, don’t interfere with it and trust your future husband that he will complete it promptly.

Published on: 04/10/2020

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