Top 5 most common mistakes brides make at the beginning stages of preparation

Planning a wedding is stressful for many couples. But when you start on the right track, it doesn’t have to be. Instead of rushing everything and planning things without thinking about them, take a step back and start planning your wedding step by step. But mistakes are possible and can happen along the way.

Let’s go briefly through the most common mistakes brides make once they can take their eyes from the shiny engagement ring and start planning.

Planning without a plan

Some brides focus on only several aspects of the wedding, without a logical plan and priorities. For example, they might start inviting people even if they haven’t got the confirmation for the date and the location. Or they might focus on finding decoration without knowing the overall concept of the wedding yet.

Therefore, the first thing to do when planning the wedding is to set priorities. Then, start with a plan and wait for the big things, such as budget, location, guest list to be confirmed and continue with other details.

Wrong budget allocation

Making a budget for the wedding is tough. But unless you have an unlimited budget, allocate the financial resources smartly. Avoid falling in love with a dress, a location or other wedding cost items before you know what is the maximum amount of money you can spend on it. 

For example, some brides are ready to give too much money on the dress and decor but forget the largest expenses such as catering and services.

For most weddings, smart allocation of resources goes like this :

  • catering and location – 40 %
  • wedding specialists and services – 30%
  • decor and lighting – 20 %
  • styling – 10%

Choosing a location too late

A location should become your top priority in the beginning stages of wedding preparation. The decision about location is closely tied with the number of guests and the budget. Therefore, first pick the location, check if it is available for your date, book it and continue with other tasks. Remember that good vendors are also booked very early. 

For example, you might narrow the choice to one place and start inviting people. After a month, you might find out that the location isn’t available for the date you want. You can either change the date and adjust everything else you have planned or find another place.

Buying the first dress you like without seeing other choices

Seeing yourself in the wedding dress for the first time is a beautiful experience, but you shouldn’t rush. Some brides worry they won’t find the ideal dress and they buy the first one that fits and they like.

Take your time and enjoy the experience of finding the right dress. Take photos and store them in a separate album, so you can review them and choose the dress confidently.

Also, try dresses of different styles, even though you’ve set your mind on one style. Each dress looks completely different when you put it on. Therefore, try as many dresses as you can before you decide.

Getting obsessed with the perfect wedding

It is normal to dream about the perfect wedding, whatever that means for you. Brides often exaggerate and get stressed about every little detail, which isn’t perfect in their minds.

Being a perfectionist about your wedding won’t bring you any good. You will only be stressed and nervous, which can spoil the exciting process of planning a wedding and the wedding day itself.

Instead of seeking perfection for every aspect of the wedding, you can be happy that you found the perfect partner, which is, after all, the point of the wedding.

Published on: 28/02/2021

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