Plan B in case of a bad weather at the wedding

If you are planning the wedding and realize that an indoor ceremony is not for you, having a wedding outdoors might be a great idea. However, by choosing this option  you should be ready for some unpredictable factors that are out of your control, including bad weather. So by planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, it is smart to develop a plan B in case of inclement weather conditions. Here is what you can do to be prepared.

Prepare rainy day gear

 Even if the rain is not expected on your wedding day, it is still wise to get ready. We recommend you to stock up all the necessary rain gear for yourself and the guests, including umbrellas, rain jackets and boots. Think about a cute and clear umbrella for your couple – the one that will match your wedding outfit and will not hide you completely from the photographer’s camera.

Consider timeline changes

Since it is not an indoor ceremony and you depend on weather conditions, you need to be flexible. Be ready for some changes in your plan,  which is totally fine. It does not mean that you cannot have a memorable day anymore. If you check the weather forecast and see that the rain is expected on your wedding day, do not panic. There might be an option to postpone the ceremony for a bit.  Just make sure you inform everyone of the changes in time. You might also think of swapping the order of things. For example, if your initial plan was to have the ceremony first and then the cocktail hour, you might go the other way around.

 Rent a tent

Even if having a wedding under a tent does not fit in your picture of a dream wedding, it is still worth considering. The best way is to book a tent in advance and have it standby. First of all you should talk to your venue and make sure that it is allowed to set up a tent on their ground.  Then you can contact tenting companies and discuss the options. Be ready to increase the wedding budget because most of tenting companies charge about 50% of the total cost just to reserve a tent. The advantage of a tent is that you can decorate it the way you want because you are not dependent on the design of the location. Tent can also be a great alternative to an indoor location for hot summer weddings.

Make the best of it

If you imagined a sunny weather and dancing under a clear sky full of stars, but instead you have to settle for rain and coldness, you still can make the best of it. Rainy wedding photoshoot is a great entertainment example. With the help of such weather you can create a very special romantic atmosphere on your photos that cannot be recreated on a sunny day. Don’t forget to take an umbrella and colourful rain boots – these accessories can help to make your wedding photoshoot truly unique. Also, if you are not afraid to get wet, there is another fun thing to do  – dancing in the rain!

Rain or shine – this is your wedding day, and it should be happy and memorable. Getting upset because of the weather is totally fine, but do not let your feelings to ruin the whole day. Instead, get prepared by following our tips and make a plan B. And remember: rain on a wedding day means good luck!

Published on: 24/06/2019

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