How to find the suitable wedding photographer?

When searching for a wedding photographer, you should consider first of all his or her photography style. There are several styles for wedding photography, and you should pick one that fits your preferences. But, let’s first take a closer look at all styles and their characteristics.


Traditional wedding photography is sometimes referred to as posed, classic or conventional. Before digital photography, the traditional style was common because it had the highest chances for success, and the photographers were limited with the films. 

You can easily recognise traditional wedding pictures by their staged poses of the couple and a larger group of people. The photographer plays an important role as it guides the people who to properly stand, so that everyone is visible in the image.

Traditional photography is beautiful in its simplicity, and if you respect classical values, you might want to consider photographers specialised in this style. 


Lifestyle wedding photography tends to show the authentic connection between the couple. The main goal is to show the people while they behave as naturally as possible. It is similar to the documentary style, but lifestyle wedding photographers apply a few tricks to enhance the atmosphere and create a specific “wow” effect.

Lifestyle photographers play with light, lines, and shades while capturing organic moments of the Big day. Additionally, lifestyle photographers do their job the best if they connect with the bride and groom prior to the wedding. Understanding more about the people they will be taking photos of, will ensure the photographers capture the moments correctly.

Sometimes, the photographer goes around with the camera acting like a ghost, and when necessary, he or she advises about poses. Lifestyle photographers offer a unique blend of staged and spontaneous images. 

Fine Art

The fine art style is usually the priciest. It focuses on details and features intimate, staged images of a couple. These images resemble fine art portraits with a luxurious impression. It is why fine art photography is expensive, and it includes a lot of work to get perfect final results. 

Fine art photography is slow and precise, and the photographer nurtures his personal artistic sense. If you are interested in fine art style for your wedding, find the photographer that fits your artistic preferences. Every image shot by a fine art photographer is a unique piece of art, but it can seem like it promotes style over substance. Still, the fine art photography is stunning in its elegance.

If you decide to hire a fine art photographer for your wedding, make sure to schedule pre-wedding or post-wedding photo shooting.


This photography style has its perks of being true and real, allowing you to revoke the emotions whenever you look at them. A documentary wedding photographer won’t stage the pictures or tell you how to pose throughout the day.

The photographer’s primary task is to capture the raw atmosphere of the day, raw emotions and allow the couple to enjoy their day. A skilled documentary photographer will tell the story about the day with the images. 

Documentary photographers are a great choice for a couple who don’t want to spend hours on photo shooting. Still, only a proficient photographer can capture the moments and make stunning spontaneous pictures. Sometimes, documentary photography is black and white, but it often includes colours as important visual elements of the picture. 


If you have dreamed about having bridal pictures similar to those seen in wedding magazines, you can consider fashion wedding photography. The style focuses on fashionable details of clothing, jewellery, and overall look. It is staged photography, and it also includes shooting in some exclusive and stunning locations. 

Often, it focuses on lavish accessories and details. Further, it requires a highly professional photographer to design the set and direct the couple to pose like professionals. 

Fashion wedding photographers charge a lot, but they ensure that you get astonishing pictures and have a unique experience of being the main star of editorial shooting.  

To get glamour wedding photographs, you should probably set up your shooting on a separate day from the wedding. It will ensure that you have enough time for precise preparation and that you can enjoy your shooting.


Artistic wedding photography style is very expressive and depends on the sense of art from your photographer. Some of the photos are unique and arouse specific emotions and admiration. In order to get such photos you need to let the photographer use creative freedom. Often, artistic photography includes unexpected details and elements. Often, artistic photography includes unexpected details and elements. 

Using shadows, different levels, and unconventional perspective is common in artistic photography. It can also include black and white images or nude pictures.

If you decide to hire an artistic wedding photographer, make sure he or she understands your sense of art. 

There you have it – all wedding photography styles explained! Decide which style you prefer and find the photographer that can address your needs and preferences. Ask the photographer to share his portfolio, and talk about possible shooting ideas.

Published on: 07/02/2021

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