Things you Don’t Need at Your Wedding

In their intent to have the perfect wedding, brides sometimes exaggerate the importance of decoration, their makeup and other details. 

Decoration might be a slippery terrain and sometimes brides don’t know when to stop. Similarly, even though you want to look the best you can, you should remember the motto – Less is more – perfectly applies to weddings. 

Let’s take a closer look at the things you don’t necessarily need at your wedding.

Photo Shooting Accessories

There was a brief moment in the past when photo shooting accessories such as large letters, moustaches, hats on a stick, etc. were cool. These accessories are just printed on a piece of cardboard and glued to the wooden stick. They are still ok if you have a photobooth but try to avoid taking classical wedding portraits with these accessories. 

Even though they might seem appealing to you right now, you might regret seeing such childish things inside your wedding book. If you want to spice up your wedding photos, talk with your photographer about unique ideas that represent you and your partner. It can be anything from location to different poses. 

Too Many Self-Made Decorations

Making your own decoration may be a good way to save some money. There are so many magnificent ideas on Pinterest. However, it is easy to get carried away and overdo it with all the cards, bottles, flower arrangements, lighting setups, candles and who knows what else. 

There is a danger that altogether it can look like a mess and spoil the effect you wanted to achieve. If you really want to make your decoration, stick with several details within the same style or hire a decorator to help you with the task.

Too Much Makeup, Fake Nails and Lashes

Makeup is supposed to highlight your natural beauty and don’t make a completely new person out of you. Harsh makeup techniques such as contouring or smoky eyes can transform your look and make you look unnatural. Stick with the natural makeup, neutral colours and stay away from fake nails and lashes. 

Too long nails look cheap and never go well with a wedding dress. Also, big and voluminous lashes not only may look like scene makeup, but they can also be uncomfortable during the day. 

Therefore, stick with natural tones and use a good mascara or do silky lash extensions a few days before the wedding. These are still fake, but if done properly lash extensions can look almost natural. 

Shiny Groom’s Suit

When choosing the groom suit, make sure it is a quality suit with a high percentage of wool. Avoid shiny materials as they can look cheap and odd in photos. 

Some suits become too shiny after applying too much heat during ironing or pressing too hard. Wool suits have oils and after hard-pressing, they can become glossy and look almost hideous. 

Your partner can choose a dark blue, dark green, grey, charcoal suit with a moderate shine to it. It will look much more elegant. 

Single-Color Wedding

Sometimes, brides stick to one color theme for their wedding to avoid the decoration and details looking mismatched. But it can create the opposite effect and make everything look very one-dimensional. 

Instead, pick two or three colours, with one being neutral to create a dynamic effect and attractive color combination. 

To sum up, when planning a wedding, try to avoid unnecessary stress about details and little things. Keep it natural and try to resist the urge to overdo the decoration. Remember, less is more and don’t follow too many trends in the wedding industry. The trends will pass, but the wedding photos are eternal.

Published on: 18/04/2021

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