Wedding Etiquette Rules

Wedding Etiquette Rules

Both guests and lucky couples need to be aware of the wedding etiquette rules. There is a set of manners from both sides that just go beyond the politeness – they are expected. So, now is the time to discuss all modern wedding etiquette for the bride and groom! 

The bride and groom have so many things to do and plan before the wedding so a little guide might be helpful.

Wedding Pre-Events Guest List Rules

First of all, some people like to throw a wedding shower, as a separate event from the bachelorette party. Both a bachelorette party and a wedding shower are more intimate-events, and you get to call only several closest friends and family. 

However, don’t invite someone who isn’t invited to the wedding, as it might seem as you were inviting that person only for the sake of the present. 

If a made of honour or a best man is organising a party, make sure to deliver a full list of people who you would invite with the contact information, so he or she can know who to invite exactly.


In the past, there were all sorts of wedding etiquette rules about paying for the wedding. Sometimes, it was expected from the bride’s parents to pay for the wedding and other times from the groom.

You and your partner are planning the wedding and therefore set up the budget according to your financial capabilities. Yes, the parents may step-in and help you, but because they want to and have the money and not because they have to.

Be honest with both sides and don’t make anyone go into debt just to fulfil some outdated wedding etiquette rule. 

Don’t Discriminate Your Guests

First of all, not only married people are allowed to come together to your wedding. Make sure to create a guest list that will allow the majority of people who are in a relationship to bring their partners. However, if you invite colleagues from work, they can come as a group and don’t have to bring someone with them.

On the other hand, if you have a relative or friend who is an introvert, make sure to leave them the option to have a plus-one, as he or she might feel more comfortable that way.

Also, don’t make a singles-table and put all single people for one table, hoping that they will find their ideal match. It is discriminating and makes everyone feel uncomfortable. Instead, you can seat people with similar interests at the same table

Bride’s man or Best Woman?

Don’t feel forced to fulfil the traditional rules for your bridesmaids. If you don’t have that many girlfriends and you get along better with men, you can ask your best male friend to take the role of a bride’s maid at the wedding. Your closest people shouldn’t be exempted from the important wedding roles just because they aren’t the gender that tradition finds appropriate.

Similarly, your groom doesn’t have to pick a man for the best man role. If his best friend is a girl, let him know that it is okay to pick her. 

Bridesmaids Gowns

On the other hand, if you have several girlfriends and you insist that all of them wear the same dresses for your wedding, pay for their dresses. After all, even if they are your best friends, you are forcing them to wear the dress you want, so it isn’t polite to make them pay for something they probably will never wear again.

Make Sure to Feed your Vendors

A DJ, musicians, a wedding planner, assistants, photographers, and videographers also need to eat during your wedding. So, you can talk to your caterer about extra meals for those people. 

Also, make sure to include their mealtime in the wedding timeline, because some of them won’t be able to eat with the guests because they need e.g. to sing or fulfil whatever their duty is. 

Greet Your Guests

Finally, greeting your guests is one of the wedding etiquette rules that will never be outdated. Each person you have invited to your wedding deserves at least a couple of minutes of your time. 

Sharing a quick chat or hug during the party and moving on to the next group of guests is an effective way to greet all the guests without losing too much time. 

Now you know what is expected from you and you can continue planning your wedding accordingly. Moreover, don’t forget the ultimate wedding etiquette rule – have a nice time, don’t drink alcohol, and respect every guest!

Published on: 05/01/2021

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