8 Conflict situations during the wedding preparation and how to solve them

Being a bride is a glorious experience as you take part in fun gatherings with girlfriends choosing the most beautiful dress, wedding cake, decoration and other exciting wedding details.

But, planning a wedding is stressful and can cause conflicts with your partner. 

Here is a list of the eight most common conflicts between future husband and wife and advice on how to solve them.

No 1: The bride and groom cannot agree on the number of guests for the wedding


Often, the bride and groom have different perceptions of how perfect a wedding looks. Brides usually want more guests and a gala wedding while grooms prefer more intimate weddings. However, it can be vice versa.

The only way to solve this is to agree on a number that will work for both of you. One party will have to accept more guests and the other will have to shorten the list. Therefore, both bride and groom are compromising. 

One way to determine the number of guests is to invite only the people with whom you had coffee in the last two years. It will reduce the list for not close relatives and old roommates, who you probably won’t miss during your wedding day.

No 2: The groom doesn’t want to participate in the planning process 


Men usually don’t care much about decor and floral arrangements. It doesn’t mean, however, that your partner doesn’t love you. You don’t need to include him in all wedding details, only the important ones. 

Also, make him choose which aspects of the wedding he wants to be involved in, maybe choosing a band or planning a honeymoon.

No 3: The groom wants to spend as little money as possible


Determining the budget is one of the first tasks when you are planning the wedding. Both parties need to express their wishes and choose their priorities. You should ask your future husband about the reasons why he wants to save money. 

If his reasons are valid and will bring benefits for the two of you, you should consider accepting them. But, make sure to decide which parts of the wedding are the most important to you and try to prioritise them. For example, you can pay more money for the band, but save money for the decoration. Here you can read more how to save money on a wedding.

No 4: The bride and groom don’t agree on the photo session duration


Brides tend to understand the importance of wedding photos more than the grooms. Due to the fact that some photo sessions can last several hours, your future husband might be worried that it will take a lot of time from the wedding itself.

You can suggest a pre-wedding or post-wedding photo shooting, so that you won’t be stressed about other activities that day. Additionally, because you won’t be stressed about the wedding itself, both of you will be more relaxed and cooperative during post-wedding or pre-wedding photo sessions. Therefore, you will probably finish the session earlier.

No 5: The couple has different preferences about wedding style


Negotiating about the overall wedding style can be challenging if you and your partner like different things. One way to solve it is to organise a classic wedding and determine the areas of interest and scope for both of you. 

To skip long discussions about every specific detail, you can divide the planning tasks and respect the other person’s choice. 

For example, you can pick the decor individually and your partner determines the entertainment. Or, you pick the music and he chooses the catering menu. 

No 6: The couple cannot agree on the location of the wedding


If your families are located in different cities, you and your partner may want to organise a wedding in different places. It can be challenging to overcome the problem, especially if the groom insists that the wedding should be held where his family is. 

You should set your ego aside and agree to hold a wedding where it is more practical. Decide which city is simpler for most of your friends and family to come to. 

No 7: One of you is so obsessed with wedding preparations that forgets about the other


Yes, planning a wedding is exciting, but you have to keep in mind the reasons why you two are getting married in the first place. Love doesn’t magically last forever, you should work on it every day. Therefore, if you or your partner are obsessed with the wedding, take a break from the planning. 

You won’t lose much time if you take several days off the planning and commit to each other. Do the things you love, spend some quality time in nature and avoid talking about the wedding. 

Then, continue with the preparations but occasionally remind the partner (or make him remind you) that the perfect wedding isn’t worth the price if you two estrange during the process. 

No 8: Parents interfere in the organisation and you don’t know how to say no


If your parents are interfering too much, have an honest conversation with them and remind them that you are getting married and not them. Express gratitude for their interest and help, but underline that you and your partner will take it from here and decide on the wedding. 

If your partner’s parents are meddling, ask your partner to talk with them in the same manner. Make him understand how important wedding preparations are for you and that too much interfering bothers you.

Planning a wedding is fun, but you and your partner are different and you will probably want opposite things. Be ready to communicate openly and compromise. Remember that you both have the same rights on that day. 

Have fun and remember that true surprises and joy start after the wedding! Don’t let the wedding preparation stress you too much!

Published on: 13/03/2021

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