Is it possible to have a stress-free wedding day?

Wedding is one of the most wonderful events in everyone’s life, so every couple wants their wedding to be perfect and remembered as the happiest and most memorable day.  We also understand that wedding day is stressful and intense for a couple with a lot of worries, fears and doubts. To help you to reduce the stress and enjoy your wedding day as much as possible, here are several useful advices. Following them, you will be able to remain calm and stay focused only on positive moments of this big day. 

Start your wedding morning right and light

First of all, do not skip breakfast. You might have no appetite because you are nervous, but eating something is extremely important. It is ok to have a heavy breakfast, since most likely you will not have a change to eat anything else until reception. 

Drink enough water in order to stay hydrated. The lack of water in your body will cause headache and dizziness – the last things you need on such an important and long day. 

Spend the morning only with people you want. A wedding morning is a very intimate and personal time, so you do not have to spend the first hours of your day surrounded by dozens of guests. It may be a good idea to invite a couple of your really close friends and raise the morning glass to friendship and an exciting new journey waiting for you ahead.  You can invite your photographer in order to capture the moments of your wedding preparations. 

Do not worry too much about the communication with guests

There are usually between 50 and 100 guests at a wedding in average. Some of them might be people who you have not seen for years.  However, it does not mean that you have to find a personal time for each of them. Everyone knows how busy a bride and groom are, so they do not expect that you will be able to devote time to them. Therefore, don’t worry if you do not manage to communicate with each and everyone personally. Don’t feel guilty and don’t’ blame yourself for being impolite or rude. Your guests already know how important they are to you and they appreciate being able to share the wedding moments and memories with you.  

Do not plan on the spot, delegate the responsibility 

The trickiest thing about weddings is that they are unpredictable. No matter how much time you spend by organizing the ceremony and reception or how many times you double-checked everything – there is still a chance of unavoidable changes. However, regardless of what is going on, do not plan on the spot. Instead, delegate this responsibility to someone else – someone who is less stressed, nervous and anxious. If you have just started planning your wedding, we highly recommend you to consider hiring a wedding planner.  As a professional with experience, a wedding planner will know how to handle issues and will relieve some of your stress. 

Try to be kind even in stressful situation

A lot of stress, a sleepless night before the wedding, anxiety and nervousness might turn you into a monster. This is particularly true for brides on their wedding day, who lose control of their emotions. There is even a special term describing a bride who is difficult and unpleasant to deal with – bridezilla. So try not to be a bridezilla and remain calm and kind. Treat everyone with respect and keep smile on your face by reminding yourself how happy and lucky you are. This is your most important and happiest day, so do not let your emotions to ruin it and build up tension between you and other people. 

Wedding is the day when the new life journey begins. It is the celebration of marriage and creation a family, so it deserves to be perfect. By following these simple advices, you will be able to fill this day with the happiest and the most positive memories.

Published on: 07/04/2020

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