When it makes sense to do a post-wedding photoshoot

A photo session is an important element of your wedding day. Excitement and happiness can be seen in images years after the wedding day. Photoshoot on the day itself can be hard to organize due to the short time, and you are limited with time and location for the session. 

So, let’s see when it makes sense to have your photo shooting after the wedding day passes.

Weather on the wedding day

If the weather on your wedding day was bad, you might want to schedule another photo shooting session with your partner. Sometimes, the most beautiful images are created in the rain or snow, while the lack of sun on images can be a big no-no for the bride and groom.

Also, if there is heavy rain on your wedding day, it can be hard to shoot outside and not get your hair and makeup completely ruined by the rain.

You can wait a few days after the wedding, consult the weather forecast and talk with the photographer about the time. Some people like to wear wedding attire at the post-wedding shooting, but you can also wear another outfit if you want.

You don’t want to spend your wedding day posing

Photoshooting can take a lot of time, and you only have one day to get married, have the time of your life at your own party, and make stunning images. Well, you can ask your photographer to catch special moments during the wedding, take pictures of you and your family and friends, and leave the shooting of the bride and groom for another day. 

That way, you won’t be stressed out with pictures and you can enjoy all the precious moments of your day. Having a photo shooting after the wedding day passes, leaves you plenty of time and creativity to create the perfect pictures. 

Unlimited location selection

When the photo shooting is scheduled for the wedding day, you have a limited choice of locations. You have to consider transportation and time for setting the equipment. However, if you postpone the shooting, you can arrange it anywhere you want. 

For example, if there is a beautiful lake that is just a couple of hours drive away from your city, you can have a shooting there, because you are not limited by a strict wedding timeline. 

Similarly, if you want to have indoor pictures in some facilities, you can arrange it ahead. 

Sunset or sunrise wedding images

Talk with your photographer about the best time of the day for the shooting. The chances are that he or she will tell you that pictures taken at sunset can be beautiful and that waking up early for the sunrise is worth it.

Some of the best examples of wedding photography are taken at sunset. Sunset makes a romantic landscape and an astonishing stage for the pictures. 

Shooting Abroad

Couples who have always dreamed of having wedding pictures at an exotic beach, or near some natural wonder, can organize a shooting abroad. 

You can have your wedding photo shooting during your honeymoon, for example. There are beautiful locations across the world, and if you are not tied up with the date and time, you can accomplish everything. 

It takes a skilled photographer to put your ideas into action. Having photo shooting abroad is one of the top reasons why so many brides and grooms decide to have a post-wedding shooting. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting stunning wedding photos. If you decide to have a photo session after the big day passes, you will be more relaxed in front of the camera. Moreover, practically, the options for the location, time, and theme of your images are almost endless.

You can talk with your photographer about your ideas and he or she will certainly help you to choose the location, time, and date of the shooting session.

Published on: 20/10/2020

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