Wedding preparation plan: an ultimative checklist for your wedding

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Organising a large event and so special event, such as a wedding, can stress you out enormously. There are so many things to think about, and it is no surprise that plenty of brides and grooms come to their wedding day without necessary documents. 

Moreover, if you are utterly sure that you have prepared everything from A to Z, you can be relaxed and actually enjoy your wedding day.

A wedding checklist is an ultimate tool to reduce stress and cover every single aspect of the wedding planning process. Let’s see why you should download the wedding checklist and how to use it. 

Wedding Checklist Benefits

As a stress removal tool, a wedding checklist comes with plenty of benefits. First of all, it is made by people who have already organised numerous weddings, and know the procedure well. You can always check the list and personalise it if you notice that some important elements of your authentic wedding are missing.

Next, the checklist list is a logical structure that ensures you miss nothing. Additionally, if you follow the steps and 12-months plan, you won’t spend time at some time-consuming activities, such as deciding when is the right time to buy a dress, or when to go on a cake tasting. If you do it too early, you might forget the taste of the cake and the newer wedding dress collection might come to the salons. 

A checklist with a seamlessly organised timeline serves as a countdown as well. It helps you stay focused and motivated when you see how many tasks you have already completed. Moreover, it is easier to delegate things when you are fully aware of the list of tasks you have to complete.

How to Use the Wedding Checklist

After you download the checklist, go through the tasks thoroughly. Make sure you understand everything and that you are aware of the importance of every task. Give your partner access to the list, so he can be notified about any changes and able to complete his tasks. 

The next step is to fill in the dates. Start by adding today’s date and the wedding date. You can stretch the list or condense it down if you notice that some of the tasks are unnecessary for you.

For example, if you already have a membership in the local gym, and you are regular there, you don’t have to repeat the step.

Dates, Budget, and Notes

Talk with your partner about the overall wedding budget and fill in the budget field. The costs may be average, and you should leave space for changes and adjustments, if necessary.

Each task has a custom field for the due date and estimated costs. You don’t have to fill in the dates for all 12 months. You can start by adding due dates for two months in advance. For example, you may select the locations for the ceremony until the middle of the months, while you can leave the potential photographer lists for the end of the month. 

Overview of the List

As you can see, 12-months before the wedding you can start by creating an overall wedding concept and gathering information about vendors, photographers, possible decoration, etc. In 

this phase, you don’t have to book anything but you can if you are afraid that your favourite location or for example a photographer will not be available later. 

Seven or eight months before the wedding date is usually enough time to book the location, talk with the chosen florist, and complete other important tasks such as accommodation, rings, and honeymoon booking.

Next, four months before the wedding, you should get your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. In this phase, you should book the accommodation for your guest and create a playlist.

Once there are only two months before the wedding, you need to start making appointments, finalise the guest’s sitting layout, and approve the menu.

One month before the wedding is to reconfirm all appointments, finalise the wedding timeline, and complete numerous other tasks.

A week before the wedding won’t be stressful if you have followed the checklist and completed all steps promptly.

Download the free checklist and start planning your wedding on the right track. The wedding countdown with the checklist can start as soon as you fill in the first field. Don’t forget to put DONE after you complete each task!

Download free wedding preparation checklist here

Published on: 28/10/2020

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