How to find the right wedding location?

“I do.” Those are going to be the most important words you are going to utter during your entire life. They represent the promises you have made in front of God and the witnesses beside you. They represent the knot you have made between you and your loved one. And such words can’t be uttered and celebrated just anywhere. You have to chose a place that represents you, that will simply make your big day unforgettable. But what kind of avenues are there? What kind of places could be the perfect location for such an important day? You may not yet have the answer to those questions. But we do.

Most couples usually opt for ballrooms because it is easier to simply decorate a couple of walls and adjust them to the theme of your wedding. These avenues could be big or small, fancy or simple, it all depends on your style and budget. Sometimes, opting for such places comes with certain benefits. For instance, sometimes, the hotel in which the ballroom is located offers a free room for the newlywed couple.

But this depends on the location itself.

Yes we don’t often hear couples opting for a museum as their wedding location. But that only means such an avenue can prove to be special and unique, a true experience that will make jaws drop.

Art museums are the most commonly found choices they are a place where history, imagination and passion come together to form a beautiful masterpiece. It is the exact atmosphere in which you would want to swear eternal love to your partner. However, this isn’t your only choice. You can opt for history museums, city museums and many more. Just chose the location that mostly suits your personality and it will be enough to attract all attention.

If you and your partner love nature, then botanical garden might be the right place for you. Here you can enjoy your ceremony or wedding party. You can have the place decorated with small lights, just enough to grab attention. Such a place could be turned into a place that is truly magical, just like the love that brought you and your partner together.

These are only a few options, but there is a much bigger variety. You can opt for forests, castles, golf clubs, national parks and ruins. You can allow your imagination to run wild. Try choosing a place that is dear to your heart, that simply makes you happy.

But, no matter the avenue you should be sure to pay attention to some minor details:

  • For example, the wedding photos: Make sure that your pre wedding shoot has in common the same aspects as your wedding avenue. For example, if you want to have a couple shooting in the urban style, a glamour romantic restaurant with glitter might not be suitable as a party location.
  • Make sure the ceiling in the location is not too low if you are going to ask a photographer to make pictures there in the evening. Professional photographers set their own lighting with 2 to 4 flashes on very high tripods. The flashes should be set at least 3 meters high, otherwise the shadows of some people will fall directly on other people.
  • Another thing you may want to pay attention to, are your guests. No matter the location, your guests are the most important thing. Without them, the party wouldn’t be the same. That is why, make sure you take care of them. It is very important to take care about your guests. Ask if location is air-conditioned, or if your wedding is taking place outside ask if they have some umbrellas to protect your guests from the burning sun.
  • You should check if there are additional costs for bringing up own decorations, electricity etc., or if there are any limitations for managing of complex decorations, prohibition for a fire show, fireworks etc. Paying attention to such details could save you from having unwanted surprises along the way.

Planning a wedding is hard and overwhelming. It can be the most beautiful thing ever, but also the most confusing thing to. It is a whole journey, and the journey starts with the avenue.

Published on: 24/10/2018

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