Top 10 advices for a perfect wedding day

A wedding day can be stressful even if you planned it to the slightest details. However, you should relax and try to make the best memories, enjoy the moments, and celebrate love. 

Let’s go together through the 10 life hacks that will make your wedding day as perfect as you imagined it. 


1. Pick colors wisely

Pick up the groom’s shirt by the color of the wedding dress. If, for example, the color of the dress is ivory, then the white shirt may appear in photos a little bluish against it. 

In this case, a slightly warm white color will look better on the pictures. You can research color combinations before the wedding, or consult your photographer about the possible matches.

2. Choose a hairstyle after the dress

Find a few hairstyle options, but make the final decision only after you have bought the wedding dress, as not every hairstyle will fit all the designs of the dress.

Before you even start the search for a perfect wedding dress, try to think about possible hairstyles. If you are more for a casual hairstyle, try to find several options. Think about updos, chignons, and buns if you plan a backless wedding dress. However, you should find alternate hairstyles as well, just in case you change your mind after you decide on the dress. For example, if you get an elegant wedding dress, the casual hairstyle might not be a perfect match.


3. Get used to shoes

Wearing new shoes often can cause blisters. To prevent it, you can start to wear shoes for at least two weeks before your wedding. There is nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes at a wedding that will prevent you from dancing and enjoying your day.


4. Be wise with the timeline

Specify the arrival time for your guests 30 minutes earlier, because people tend to be late. This way you won’t have to wait for anyone and you won’t be nervous about it. Moreover, it is better to have a 15-minutes waiting time before the ceremony, than having people arriving 15-minutes after it has started.

5.Simple program

Don’t plan a program that’s too busy. It’s better to leave more time between events than to be in a hurry all day. A wedding is a celebration, not a marathon. People are supposed to have a great time, and don’t feel as if they were following a tight schedule.


6. Be practical 

If you’re doing a trial makeup and hairstyle, it’s convenient to plan a love-story photo session on this day. That way, you will save time and money for the hairstyle and the makeup for the photoshooting, and complete more than one task in one day. 


7. Pack you supplies

Don’t forget to bring matting napkins to fix your makeup during the day. Pack one small bag that will include all you need to refresh at least one day before the wedding day. For example, you can include napkins, deodorant, perfume, compact powder, lip gloss, setting spray, etc. ⠀

8. Avoid morning hurry and stress

To make sure you have a relaxed morning before your wedding, plan approximately two hours for the “getting-ready” photoshoot and two hours for your hair and makeup. Therefore, you will have time to fix hair or makeup if there is something you don’t like. One of the things that can ruin your mood is not being satisfied with your look.

9. Think about details in advance

Before the registration, you can put a cream on your hands so that the ring can be easily placed on your finger. For example, many people have issues with their fingers swelling on the hot days. It is nothing that a small amount of hand cream won’t solve.


10. Don’t be too ambitious with photo shooting

Do not plan more than two locations for a photo shooting on your wedding day, or preferably only one. A photo shooting takes time, especially if the locations are distant. You can spend too much time in transport and loose precious time that you can spend with your guests. Skilled photographers can make wonderful pictures even in the simplest location.

Published on: 16/09/2020

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